Does anyone remember what used to happen to bullies when they got a little too big for their britches so to speak? It wasn’t always a win-win situation for those that stood up to them, but such an action would at least let the bully know that people weren’t going to put with them any longer. Even if the person doing the standing up got beaten down because they were weaker, the very act of saying “no more” was often enough to shake the bully’s confidence just a bit.

These days it seems that being a bully makes the bully more of a victim at times than the actual victim. The bully must have a rough home life, they must be developmentally or behaviorally-challenged, or some other excuse that could be used to describe the acts of aggression that are inflicted upon others. Now talking is the preferred method of dealing with a bully, or simply walking away and telling someone about the abuse. Those are sound ideas to be honest and not to be discounted at all, but one thing bullies seem to understand more than anything is naked aggression.

I won’t ever be the type to condone physical violence among anyone, but I certainly won’t shy away from it if matters happen to go that far. No matter how much people want to talk, or to discuss the matter of WHY a bully does what they do, there are times when talking and going to tell a teacher or friend or a co-worker just aren’t possible or even feasible. There are times when the bully needs to get put in their place to remind them of why peace is the better option.

Putting a bully down can show them that they aren’t as tough as they think they are.

Remember, I won’t condone violence if there’s another way, but now and again bullies don’t seem to get the point, and so it has to be spelled out for them using the five-knuckle method. Anyone remember that this is the way it used to get done? Talking and working it out is fine and all that, but if the bully keeps coming even after the preventative measures have been exhausted and nothing seems to work, then it might be time to throw down and see who’s really tougher.

The funny thing about this is that a lot of bullies will find that as tough as they think they are, they’re not ready for the level of aggression they’ve instilled in their victims. Think about what happens when you keep pushing someone, and pushing them, and pushing them. Eventually that person is going to explode in one way or another. These days it seems that kids break down crying because they haven’t been taught how to deal with bullies. Back in the day however, there weren’t a lot of us that had that problem. Split lips and black eyes heal, and they’re a lot easier to take than out of control emotions that are almost impossible to soothe.

Unfortunately, the worst part about bullies isn’t their act, it’s the enablers that allow it to keep happening.



Bullies can be dealt with, they’re one person and therefore not as hard to combat in one way or another. But those that enable the bullies, that cheer them on when they’re picking on another person, are the real problem. Having a cheering squad creates a desire to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing because someone approves and wants to see more. Even if the bully happens to like what they’re doing the enablers are the ones that are truly in the wrong at the moment, as they’re actually goading the bully to new levels of aggression and allowing the hurtful acts or comments to continue. It’s not too hard to take on a bully, but it becomes impossible to deal with them at times thanks to the enablers.

Dealing with a bully is easier than many people think, but having to deal with those that allow it to happen is a bit more difficult.

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