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It’s time to be inspirational again and remind folks that people being people is about the most natural thing in the world no matter how good or bad it can get. People will be people, and that means that they’ll act in the best or worst way they can in order to deal with the life that’s been dealt to them. If that means that seeking out other like-minded individuals and connecting with them is the answer or if it means that they’re going to lash out at others or just disconnect then what will be will be. It’s not your responsibility to look over everyone, not even if you’re the POTUS, the people of the world have their own selves to look out for, just as you do. In order to make this even clearer, don’t go changing yourself in accordance to what other people want, as this is a long and slippery slope towards a life that’s less than anything you might have accomplished on your own. Be yourself, the you that you were meant to be, and don’t sacrifice things like dignity or respect in order to get people to enjoy your company.

Things do happen the way they’re supposed to regardless of how it feels.


This is so easy to say and much harder to live by since ‘everything happens for a reason’ is an easy phrase to fall back on when you can’t explain why life is doing you wrong and allowing other people to enjoy it thoroughly. The answer there is usually that you need to do something different to get what you want. If you do the same thing all the time you’re bound to get the same result. So even if it’s hanging out with the same person that does nothing for you, or dealing with issues in the same manner that you always have, it comes down to you and what you really want. There is a time and point when it’s necessary to break out of old habits and start living the live you were meant to live, no matter how hard the going is.

Those around you don’t like this new change? Too bad, it’s not their decision.


Unless you’re doing serious harm to yourself and others then this new life and new set of habits you want to practice for being successful and possibly happy at the same time isn’t meant to please everyone. Those in your life that want things to keep going the way they were, presumably going nowhere and doing nothing, will have to either toe the line or find someone else to sit and waste the days with. They’ll find their own path hopefully, but if you want something different in life it’s time to step up and earn it. Nothing changes without some sacrifice, and letting go of a life that isn’t taking you anywhere is the first step.

You have an option to listen to those that think you’re doing wrong by moving on with your life, the best advice is to listen to what you want.


You can take motivation and advice from those that are sincerely trying to help you and consider it as a mark of confidence, but accepting advice from those that would only seek to keep you where you are is a backwards slide you don’t need. Those that seek to build you up already know that the results of your course won’t affect them and tend to give such advice freely to help out. Those that seek to caution you about moving too far too quickly however are typically those that never got anywhere and don’t know what’s out there. Take your own advice when it comes to forging your path in life, but don’t discount the motivation that comes from bad advice, or the help that can come from those that seek to build you up.

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