Banks, OR

April 21st, 2020

Nothing gross happens when people get hit by the ripple, but something does happen. The only two I’ve seen have paused, almost as though something just stopped them in mid-stride. They kept moving after that however, but soon enough something happened. One of them simply dropped to the ground, dead by the time their face hit the floor. I had to answer a few questions because I wasn’t able to get out of their quickly enough, but no one had any reason to suspect me of anything. There were a few of the suits that have nearly caught up to me a time or two, but even they didn’t notice me since they were focused more on the deceased.

The second time was very different. I caught sight of this one purely on accident, but I saw what happened. Even as the edge of the ripple touched the individual I’d seen trouble coming. This time it was an elderly man crossing the street. I barely recognized him before the event happened, but the reason I did was that he was one of the only individuals I spoke to during the experiment. In fact he looked up and recognized me the moment before the ripple hit. I could swear he was about to smile, but then an oncoming truck smashed into his back, driving him forward as he landed hard on his knees, his stomach, and his face in about that order.

You might not want to hear it, but the moving truck that killed the old man left him as a red smear on the asphalt, stretching nearly fifty yards or so by the time it stopped. That time however the reappearance of one of the others right after the old man left me to wonder if they were really unaware of what they were doing. Because as I saw not one by two of them show up from thin air, I could have sworn I saw one of them point in the direction of the old man, and laugh.

They were there and gone so quickly I couldn’t really be sure of what I saw, but that image still haunts me to this day. It’s why I started walking in this direction, because it was in Banks that I saw the old man die, and it was here that I’m thinking a lot of those ripples end up. I don’t know why or if it’s just a feeling that might not pan out, but somehow I get the impression that the others, who I can still see from my peripheral vision as more appear while the others dissipate, seem to realize that I’m here and I’m not just fading out as I’m thinking we do in their world just as they do in ours.

I’ve done a lot of reading over the years about parallel dimensions, worlds stacked on worlds, and everything I can get my hands on. Most of it amounts to nothing more than fiction, but maybe the fiction writers know something the scientists don’t. Maybe they have a better bead on why things like this happen, or how an experiment like the one that fixed my sight would be able to do something like this. It makes me wonder just where the technology for the glasses really came from, and what kind of research went into it.

Believe me I know how this sounds. Even to my ears it sounds like a B-class suspense thriller that has no business existing. But the others are real, and even worse is that I think they’re getting closer….

(to be continued)

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