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What are you afraid of? What wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat? What is it that gets your heart pounding? People are afraid of many things, from the most silly and mundane to the most terrifying and abstract of ideas that they can’t control. Fear is the reason why people don’t reach for dreams, why they turn upon one another, and why this world is an uncertain place. It is the means by which people limit themselves and deny their chance to become what they wish to be, and by which they close themselves off from the larger world outside their sphere of influence.

Fear is an emotion, and a powerful one at that.

It’s tough to move past our fears, but necessary.


Being afraid is quite normal. It’s a reaction to the unknown, an emotional response to the uncertainty that comes from having no control over the world that rests outside of one’s body, and what it might do to them if they’re discovered. The world can be a very frightening and unwelcoming place, but putting that fear to the back of your mind can open up horizons you’ve never known existed, vistas that might otherwise have been only a part of your imagination. In order to explore the world you must first be afraid, and then learn to let that emotion slide away in the face of sheer awe and wonderment towards a world that is in many ways quite wonderful and worth experiencing.

In order to grow as an individual your fear must be the last thing on your mind when stepping out of your door each day.

Fear will always be there, it will never just disappear. But it can be pushed aside.


There will always be fear no matter how courageous someone might be. It is the denial of that fear, the need to push past it, that makes someone brave and instills them with a sense of purpose that refuses to be denied. The brave aren’t invincible and they know it, but they refuse to be cowed by their fears and they gladly deny the dread that seeks to clench at their hearts. Being afraid does not make a person a coward, it’s allowing that fear to keep you from living that accomplishes that.

You can learn from your fear, or you can run from it.


The power that you give to your fears is based upon your reaction. If you run then you will run for as long is it takes until you come to your senses, perhaps forever. But if you rise in the face of your fears and deny them the hold they need to keep you down, then there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Fear is the killer of dreams and of hope, and that is why standing against it is so important. In order to live, a person must face their fears and continue forward.

Those who live in fear don’t truly live.

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