Not everything that is labeled as evil is inherently bad, and not all that is labeled good is as upright and noble as we’d like to believe. There are many examples of being bad and good that could be used, but the simplest explanation of this dichotomy is that we choose what to be. Some might like to argue that point and that’s their right, but when it comes to whether a person is good or evil there’s always a choice no matter what one might think. Are we predisposed to be one or the other? Of course we are, that dichotomy has been a part of humanity for a long, long time, in fact as long as humans have been in existence. There’s always a capacity for good and a capacity for evil. Any that don’t believe this haven’t been paying attention to the history of mankind as it’s played out for the last few millennia.

The problem is a matter of perspective. People aren’t going to agree on much of anything at times, and what they will agree on is often forgotten in the arguments that stem from their differences rather than their similarities. In the simplest terms, we’re born with the capacity for good and evil alike. We choose as we grow, and based upon what we are led to believe is normal, and therefore our choices help to decide just which side we will fall on. In some cases, more than many people might admit, humanity takes from both sides in fairly equal measures, as this is the balance that we need to exist.

What would happen with an imbalance?


That all depends on who you ask. Some believe that a truly balanced world is one in which everyone is happy, everyone is allowed to do as they want, and dreams are continually made to come true. Others on the other hand believe that the world needs a balance, a healthy give and take kind of mentality that rights itself now and again in order to come back to level. While the first model seems like a Utopia in which everyone can be happy, the problem is that keeping one person happy usually means upsetting another person in some way. The balancing act that is humanity doesn’t operate in this manner, as there will always be dissent in some form. Whatever started this feeling isn’t bound to go away anytime soon, since human kind is and has been set along this course for a very long time.

We’re bound by nothing apart from our nature.


There’s nothing keeping us from turning either way when it comes to the idea of good and evil. Our nature, that which helps to make us who we are, is the only real stumbling block that keeps people from fully committing to one side or the other. Those that manage to balance their inner demons with their more noble ideals are often tortured individuals that seek a balance within their lives and rarely find it. Many of those that believe their lives are balanced have found a way to either justify the way they are, or have remained willfully ignorant of how their lives affect others.

Ultimately we choose which side we belong to, no matter what our nature states.


You can come from a family of thieves or a family of upright humanitarians, but what will decide who you are is how you choose to live. Your nature is hard to determine as it can be the polar opposite of the choices you make. But in the end we all possess the qualities to be good or evil. The choices we make in life are what push us one way or another across that metaphorical line.

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