So what if it is all just a dream?

Life is a fleeting thing, an impermanent moment in time that we are allowed to experience before we’re shuffled along to the next moment. We do what we can in order to make it mean something, to point to a reason that we exist, and with each passing breath we circle closer to the truth only to move away from it when true understanding is within our grasp. Why?

The whole of our existence is based upon the idea that we are here for a reason, that we draw breath because there is an underlying purpose behind our our being here. What if we found out that we are mere breaths in the infinite and unknown that are mere happenstance in what passes for reality? Perhaps that truth would break us, and perhaps that is why we live in this impermanent world that we know and cling to. The truth beyond our borders could be that which most terrifies us. There is no control there, no chance to dominate anything that might lie beyond our reach, and therefore humanity goes in awe and in fear. We fear what we don’t know, and are terrified of the prospect that we might not be able to control what lies beyond that veil.

The act of waking to greet the day is a ritual, an affirmation that we are in fact here, that the dream is what we leave behind when our eyes open upon the world we know. But what of that veil that separates dreaming from reality? How many different pathways exist behind that gossamer covering that enfolds us each time we sleep? Where do those hidden alleyways and meandering trails lead? If we were to realize just where they might take us, there’s no way to predict how humanity might react.

And so we reside here, in this amazing dream we call life, day in and day out. Some feel safe, some feel trapped, but in essence every last one of us is confined to this mortal realm in ways that cannot be fully transcended until we realize one very important thing.

We are the dreamer, and the dream.

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