Banks, OR

April 21st, 2020

The thing is, I’ve never tried to come into contact with the others. They look human for the most part, which has led to some interesting theories I’ve developed. But there’s something, off, about them, as though there’s a difference I can see but my mind can’t accept. They move just like we do, they perform the same actions that we do, but it’s always as though their movements cause them to be visible for just a brief moment before whatever it is that they’re doing causes a ripple. Then they’re gone, as though they were never there in the first place.

I’ve wondered more than once now if our actions in this place and time cause the same ripples in theirs, or if it’s just a one-way street so to speak. It’s hard to tel because in the real world I can’t see so those same ripples when people perform any action. It’s as though my eyes have been attuned to that one specific quality of whatever dimension or parallel world I’ve been allowed a glimpse of. It’s disconcerting to say the least, but I’ve also seen at least a couple of them look around when I’ve noticed them, as though they know I’m there but can’t see me.

It’s almost like those moments when you feel something in the same room, something you know is there, but you can’t see it. I have to wonder now if that’s them, operating in the same space but just on a different wavelength, or a different world. It makes my eyes itch just talking about. And therein lies my current dilemma.

I’ve been walking now for almost three hours, I just lit out from the home I’ve been sharing with a friend named Mike who pays half the rent, the utilities, and even the cable bill. He asked me where I was going and when I said ‘out’ he didn’t press the issue. He knows about my condition, but he also knows that I still have enough of my sight left to make my way around. He just doesn’t know that my sight is back in full force and then some. This isn’t something you go blabbing to anyone about after all.

Mike will no doubt begin to wonder where I am soon enough, but for now I’ve made it all the way out to Banks from our place in Forest Grove, a walk that should usually take about an hour or so, maybe a little more. But I’ve been seeing the others since I headed out the door, just flashes and glimpses like before, but each time it’s been different. Like usual the ripples I’ve seen stretch for further than I can tell, so if things have been happening I haven’t been able to notice them.

But the others have been noticing me. I’ve seen it from my peripheral vision, the turn of a head, the looks that seem to be aimed in my direction, and the way they’ve paused before going about their business. They’ve been seeing me now, and I honestly don’t know what they’ve been thinking. I know I already said they normally can’t see me, but there’s no mistaking the way they’ve turned and looked. I’m visible to them for some reason, and I don’t know why.

In case you’re wondering, I ditched the glasses that did this to my eyes some time ago. Most of the subjects did right away, but it didn’t help them. If you’re trying to think about what happened to them I’ll tell you. The others noticed them too. I wouldn’t have any knowledge of this, but I saw it firsthand just once, and that was enough for me. When the others see you and actually take the time to notice, bad things tend to happen.

The ripple effect that they enact seemingly without knowing it happens when they move towards whoever they see, and when it hits a person full on, then things really start to happen. It was only one year after we’d all received the glasses when I saw what happened when the ripple effect hit a living being. What happens isn’t pretty.

(to be continued)

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