Some fear the dark, as it holds shadows that have no end, darkness that does not make them feel welcome, and a silence that is uncomfortable to their ears. Some feel that the night is oppressive, that it steals away the light of day like a thief, only to give it back for a short time so as to grant hope to those that seek to avoid its strange and unknowable touch. The dark is an adversary to some, a chilling and uncertain thing that cares nothing for their plight and delights in their fear. There are strange and terrible things in the dark for some, monsters and devils alike. Some believe that the dark is the domain of the wicked, of the abnormal, and all those trappings of a world that lies beyond the touch of the light.

So what is the dark really then? Obviously in the most literal sense it’s the period during which the earth’s rotation takes part of it from the view of the sun, so let’s get that out of the way. But from a more meaningful standpoint the dark is a transitory period just as the day is. It’s the time when some feel more alive, more in control of their fate, and can breathe easier knowing that they are finally within their element. It’s the peace of mind knowing that shadows will hide the very secrets they wish to keep, if any, or will possibly reveal the untold ponderings that few are ever made privy to.

The night is a velvety blanket lit only the moon and stars above, a cover that grants immunity from the day for a short time. It soothes in its delicate, unknown manner and cloaks those that feel the most comforted by its coming. In the night there are only memories of the day, with no need to dwell upon the expectations that are to come with the following day.

In the night, the true comfort of peace is found, and it is a blessed silence that is gladly embraced.

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