It’s very hard to shout into the wind and be heard, as many of us know by now. You can wear out your lungs, your voice, and even your desire but shouting into an uncaring wind that will bury your voice amidst its own or carry it to whatever corner it desires. Shouting into the wind can be an act of defiance, a means of blowing off steam, or perhaps simply a declaration saying, “I am”.

In any case it is an expression of humanity that says that we are here, we are important in some cosmic way, and we will not be silenced. As a species we learn to speak up, to speak out, and to remind the world that no matter what we do, no matter how it is perceived, we are here for a purpose that has yet to be fully defined. We are here by simple design that is confounded by the complex patterns that fate has woven for us, and that we have only continued to confuse through our many different musings.

We shout into the wind to remind ourselves of the futility of life, and the reason for our struggle. By admitting to our limitations we begin to move beyond them, we look to new horizons and we seek out new paths by which to tread. Shouting into the wind we seek that which we have not yet done, a method that we have not employed yet, and a way forward that has yet to feel the tread of our feet. By giving voice to the essence of what humanity is and what we want, we determine the course we will take in moving forward.

The individual shouts into the wind for various reasons. They seek to connect with the elemental forces of this world in their own way, they wish to vent their frustration, or they simply wish to give voice to whatever is inside them at that given moment, allowing the world to know what is on their mind.

I shout into the wind in a different manner, by keeping my outer voice quiet and my inner voice ever circling with the tempest that lies at the core of my soul. Through my works I shout boldly into the wind, while on the outside I allow the wind to respond with its own voice, relaying its own message to those that would listen. I shout into the wind with my heart, and I listen gladly with my mind as it sings its siren song.

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