There is, as you can guess, a HUGE difference between mental disorders and bad behavior, but the saddening part of it is that many people don’t ever take the time to realize this. A mental disorder is something that often cannot be controlled save by therapy and medication. Curing a mental illness is not a possibility as it’s something that an individual will possess from its onset to their final days. Controlling it is possible, but it will never just go away. Bad behavior on the other hand is something that is often easier to control and can be linked back to a source that might explain its appearance, so long as it is not caused by mental illness or disorder. In any case however, these conditions are not matters to be trivialized or in any way expressed as anything but serious ailments. Far too many people take advantage of their existence to explain away bad behavior, using such conditions as excuses in order to justify what could possibly be controlled by personal restraint.

There is such a thing a bad behavior.

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Many people deal with mental health issues throughout the world, children and adults alike, though far too often aberrant behavior, that which is not desired within society, is forgiven due to the belief that an aggressor is dealing with mental health issues or mental stress that they cannot control. While this can be very true, it is also highly possible that these individuals have been given a very negative role model at one point or another in their lives and are emulating such actions and attitudes in order to feel “normal” as this is the template they’ve been given for that ubiquitous word.

However, the issue of choice still remains as even those that are granted the model of aggression can choose to follow it, or to pull away from it. Young children that have known nothing but aggression, fear, and other such negative emotions are at risk for becoming those that suffer from mental instability and are therefore more prone to aberrant behavior, but then one must try to explain how those who are brought up in a nurturing environment can become every bit as aggressive as those who are exposed to it on a routine basis.

There is no one model that explains outward aggression and aberrant behavior as it is expressed by the individual, though there are many instances in which a positive correlation can be made. “Bad” behavior is not just a product of environment, but is at times also a product of one’s internal makeup, though this is hard to prove and even harder to spot at times.

Those with a mental disorder or illness often cannot control their outbursts, and at the very least have a valid reason for their aberrant behavior, if such a thing does occur from time to time. Those that do not possess such an illness or disorder might have a reason, but they have a much greater capacity for control.


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