Life will break you, if you let it. This world will drive you to your knees and keep you pinned to the hard, unforgiving ground if you allow it. Fate will whisper to you in soft, deceitful tones that you are not strong enough to weather what is to come, that you will fail, that you will fall, and that nothing you do will make a difference. This very existence will force you to succumb to the inevitable one day, and will force that day upon you without fail should you give in but once.

Some look at the pressure and fold, some focus, and some whisper back to the world, to life, and to fate “I am stronger”. Those that fold are those that cannot see beyond the storm, and thus cannot seem to understand the need for the fight, the reason behind the struggle. Those that stand resolute and allow the storm to break over them, to batter at them and do what it will, are those that will not be moved, and those that know full well why the fight continues.

They fight for the peace that others so badly desire, they willingly stand against the storm that breaks upon them and finds itself wanting in their presence. These individuals will not be budged, as they stand firm against the tides of the world so as to insure that those they protect, those that they stand for, will be saved from the tempest. In time, others will take their place, standing resolute against the oncoming storm that never ceases, the unbending will of fate that challenges every last being that has ever set foot upon the many paths of this life. They will stand as their elders stood, in defiance of what is to come and in acceptance that it WILL come.

Fate and Life whisper to us, “You cannot weather the storm.”

In defiance, and with a glad heart we reply, “I AM the storm.”

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