It might sound a little odd to say that there are three different sides to any story, instead of just two, but quite honestly it shouldn’t. Any time you hear a story in the news, on TV, or from anyone that speaks to you, there’s a high probability that you’re hearing it through a very biased filter. So how do you decide just what that third side is then? Because like it or not, that third side that is unbiased and has no affiliations to one side or the other will be the one that sees the most truth and is capable of divining just which side is at fault in any given situation. Sometimes it’s both, other times its neither, but there is always a shifting balance of blame and credit that those on both sides of an issue try to dispense and partake of during any discussion, argument, or situation. It’s a very natural human trait to see your own side as the right side, the justified side, and the way that everyone else should believe.

But that’s not the truth. We’ve become a society, well, we’ve BEEN a society where believing as you want has long been a belief that has allowed us to push forward and become what we are today. Obviously that’s not entirely true since there are those among us, even to this day, that would gladly force their views and their beliefs onto us without any consideration for what we believe or think. But for the sake of argument those that oppose one another when it comes to anything in this world are all the wiser when they can step back from their own view and attempt to see the third side of any discussion/argument/situation. It’s then that they can get a better idea of what the other side is talking about, how they feel, and what’s prompting them to act as they do and say the things they’re saying.

It’s tougher than it sounds to stand back and see life from the perspective of another.


No one wants to believe that their side of the story is incorrect in any situation, so it’s common to see people double down on their beliefs and become even more entrenched in what they consider to be the “right” side. Even if a part of them is screaming at them from within that their side is not the right one, they will simply be too afraid or too resolute in their convictions to see any other side but their own. This is unfortunately the dark side of belief, when your conscience tells you one thing and you stubbornly choose to believe in something simply because it’s become habit.

It’s a stretch and it’s not easy, but training your mind to see each and every side of an argument is the way to finally understand just where each side is coming from, and then ascertain what truths are being spoken by both.

There is no “one side of an argument is truthful and the other is lies” scenario. No matter how distasteful it sounds, no matter how fiercely two sides oppose one another, there is always a binding reason to any argument that will serve as the basis of truth and the common thread that will serve both parties.


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