Religion within a debate can get messy, heated, and close people off to certain venues of discussion, or it can be used in a rational, calming manner to point out the differences between individuals as well as the similarities. Fighting over religion is unfortunately a natural act that humans have been practicing for uncounted generations, and have never been able to find a true compromise for. Each and every side of religion will gladly extol their virtues upon the world any that will listen, and some will even attempt to convert others to their beliefs. But so many different religions tend to miss the mark when it comes to the binding, universal truth that connects every single person that has ever been or will ever be.

As humans we are bound to believe in something, even if it is nothing.

That’s a bit confusing isn’t it? It’s too simple for some and too minimizing for others, but it is a very solid truth that underlies every last religion and belief in this world. The act of coexisting with another religion is nearly impossible for some, and is exceedingly easy for others. The funny thing about this is that it has nothing to do with the religion, and everything to do with the individual.

Many people use religion for their own purposes.


This has been seen for many a year in which people will use their religion for a singular purpose and seem to eschew the original purpose for which it was intended. Many would cry out “that’s not right!” and denounce such a statement, but as history has taught us and continues to teach us, this is in fact the case.

It doesn’t matter if pastors aren’t using the church as a solicitation device, the need to be in the spotlight is, for some of them, still the main reason they’re there. One would like to believe that our teachers in religion are guides, mentors, and those that will forego the need to believe in the “I” and the “me” complex that is so prevalent in the rest of society. But there are moments when those that guide us seem to regard themselves as the shining figurehead we must follow and obey.

Another criticism of any religion comes when they seek to ask their congregation to pay for things that many of those in the congregation feel is excessive. If you look at it, many churches require a great deal of space for their parishioners, but anything extra tends to be a bit ridiculous. Seriously, who in the world needs a jet for religious practices?

Too many religious leaders these days seem to feel the need to be superstars and celebrities, which is a serious step away from the word and the gospel they seem eager to preach. It is unfortunate, as many religious leaders throughout the world still believe in the word and tenets of their religion, that anyone would think to give praise to themselves for the misguided attention of those that so willingly follow them. Maybe some of those that have forgotten need a refresher course. Here you go

Luke 12:15 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” 1 Corinthians 6:10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Hate is a strong word, but then so is religion.


So let’s set it straight, as much as it possibly can be. Religious extremism in fact a huge problem. Those that take the scriptures and tenets of their religion seriously and factually do pose a very serious problem as the way of life described in ancient texts is at times quite brutal and not at all in keeping with how many people choose to live in this day and age.

As far as impeding science goes however it has been seen that religion and science have coincided quite nicely throughout the years. There are indeed scientists who are religious and there is room for religion in scientific matters. Both are able to work together unless a person adamantly refuses that such a union can be possible. In such a case however extremism is still quite possible and can be highly disruptive to the harmony that is so badly needed.

As far as how religious individuals treat and interact with those that do not believe in the same ways or do not believe at all, it is upon the individual to decide how they will treat others, not their religion. Religion is not the end-all of life, nor is it the driving force for many that simply wish to live a moral and happy existence.

Proverbs 18:15

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

Religion is one’s choice and the belief that people desire, it is not the only way to a good and fulfilling existence. So long as people can realize this it is possible to live with one another no matter our beliefs.

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