Let’s start off by saying that lack of motivation at work, or just being flat out lazy, is not just a Millennial issue, or that it has anything to do with anything generational. Each and every generation has had their fair share of slackers and workers that “don’t feel right” at one job or another. The idea of work isn’t fun for a lot of people, as in the media and in real life it seems like a grind, a constant, daily, soul-sucking obligation that eats away your life one increment at a time until you’re left with nothing but the spoils that are earned from your back-breaking, mind-numbing labors. Sounds kind of miserable doesn’t it? Unfortunately work is not always fun, but it does have a way of producing that green stuff that we tend to use as currency for those ever-important necessities, which of course vary from person to person.

Money isn’t exactly the reason for working, but what it can provide is. A home, food, clothing, a means of transportation, a life outside the office, or wherever you happen to work. Some say money is the root of all evil, yet those same people don’t seem too proud to accept their paychecks every two weeks or so. Yet work is still a grind, and there are simply too many that would gladly say “I’ll just quit and find a new job”, when there are people out there simply glad to have one, or are working two or three jobs and don’t have the option of saying “Oh, I’ll just find a new job”.

Does that sound a bit irritating? It should really, as picking and choosing your job might sound good in theory, but in truth having a job at all is an accomplishment in today’s working world.

It takes work to run the world.


I get it, some jobs are a grind. Some places of employment aren’t that great and some decide to give you the runaround and others even actively try to make you quit. That’s part of the working world however, it’s no more perfect than the people that run it. So yes, if a job is causing you that much grief, go on and find another, but don’t gripe if you can’t find THE ONE that fits your personality or your dreams. Very few of us ever find the job that we would gladly spend the rest of our lives at, and a good percentage of the world work the jobs they’re at for a couple of very good reasons.

  1. They are glad to have a job.
  2. They have a family to support.
  3. No matter how bad the job gets, THEY ARE GLAD TO HAVE A JOB.

To be clear, if an employer is a abusive, shows no sign of treating their people fairly, or just has massive issues that for some reason can’t be worked out by talking, reasoning, or even coming to compromise, then by all means feel free to get up and find another place to work. Despite what people seem to claim there are always jobs out there to be had, be it the lowest position on the metaphorical totem pole or the highest executive office you can find. So long as you have the skills they want, then you have a chance, and that’s better than nothing.

At least try to find the joy in your job.


With some jobs it’s simply not possible. I can recall trying to sell a “revolutionary” vacuum cleaner to some of the poorest people on the face of the earth, and the system’s retail price was nearly $2,000. The slickest salesmen in the office didn’t accept the jobs I did because they were considered to be the low-end, but they were the way a person moved themselves up. Some jobs don’t have a lot of joy, or hope of advancing, or even fair and even-handed treatment between employees. But there’s a bright spot in every place and no matter how hard it is doing your best to see it will open up new ideas and innovative thoughts that can help you get through the day.

Moving on from any job is much harder than trying to make it work, as the effort required to snag a job is so much greater than it is to keep one. Don’t give in too soon, at least not without trying to find some hint of a silver lining.

Oh yeah, I couldn’t forget this. Those that seem to NOT want to work are definitely a turn off, especially when they’re allowed to be lazy.


It might work with ants, being as ‘lazy’ ants are a part of their workforce that can take over when other ants die or grow fatigued, but with humans it tends to swing the other way. Truly lazy people, not those that are on a well-deserved break or have been working all day and need a moment to unwind or just chill, tend to be a drag on any business and for the most part are a burden on those that actually work. The pace of any job tends to be set at what it needs to be during optimum work hours, or at least that’s the hope. Laziness more or less disrupts this optimal efficiency and threatens to kick it down a notch as those picking up the slack have to work even harder, thereby making the job even less enjoyable.

So what can you do?

Honestly? Unless you can prod them into working or just let them pay out enough rope to hang themselves with, metaphorically of course, then there’s nothing you should do. Do the job you’re being paid for, be glad you have it, and let those that think work is a drag and don’t want to do anything sort themselves out. Sure the job will drag on a little more at times, and they might seem as though they’re getting away with it. But think on that when you’re still there making a living and they have to go pad their resume when the bosses finally get tired of seeing the efficiency rating go down.

Then you can kick back and smile. Enjoy the fact of having a job, because far too many people don’t these days.

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