It’s a fair question. What is a “real American”? Is it someone that’s born here and speaks only the native tongue, English? Or is it someone that claims this country as their own and yet feels free enough to speak whatever language they please? Many people seem to have forgotten that being an American is more than just being born to this country, and that it has almost nothing to do with how a person speaks to another in public. Should all US citizens know how to speak English? It would certainly help, and it does seem as though other countries would require the same of US citizens that decided to live abroad. So perhaps it is advantageous to speak one of the most prevalent languages of the nation, but it certainly doesn’t meant that a person is any less American for speaking in the tongue they are comfortable with when in public. And it does give anyone else the right to deride them for it.

In truth, some non-native speakers possess a more extensive and superior vocabulary to those that were born in America.

It’s a bit sad to think that those born in this country are those that are often have the most limited vocabulary and show it in the simplest of ways. This clip above for instance shows that some folks, whether under duress or not, simply fall back on the simplest things they can think of to say. It’s almost as though hearing people speak in another language short-circuits the language area of their brain and causes them to spit and sputter the first thing that comes to mind. I realize the man is in a wheelchair and that speaking ill of the handicapped is not a welcomed practice, but aside from his physical condition his sense of morality and ethics was just as suspect as his limited vocabulary.

Worse still, we have people in positions of authority that seem to have trouble figuring out what America is about.

The higher one goes in politics the more the morals and ethical practices seem to fall by the wayside. Beyond the language issue is the human issue that “real Americans” are split by when it comes to practicing what has been preached in the past. “Give me your poor, your tired….” is no longer the saying it would seem. Now it seems that “no vacancy” is the American way and that our morals are based upon not only the laws that cannot be agreed upon, but biblical practices that state that our laws are what justify the treatment our country has given to others in the recent past.

Our “Real American”.

It’s hard not to criticize the American president, and at the same time one cannot hope to condemn him entirely either. At this moment he has said things that have truly irked a great many people and terrified others as he is the type that will speak his mind and let it be known what he wants. And unfortunately what he wants at times seems to fly in the face of Americans everywhere as it does not stand by the virtues that this nation was founded on and does not coincide with the best interests of the people. While it is necessary for our country to to have a president and to follow the president, it is also necessary for that president to represent the nature and philosophy of what America stands for, and unfortunately at this point our nation is falling far short of the mark.

In this case ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s a cancer eating at the fabric this nation was built upon.

So many seem to feel that they’re entitled to this country by dint of being born into it. Well yes, this is our home, our sanctuary, and our birthright. But it does not give us, or anyone, the right to deny any other individual that has come to this country, or that desires to come to this country, the right to their happiness. Yes there are legal ways to go about it and yes those that go through such channels have done it the right way, but being an American is about more than just following the laws and being tolerant of others. It’s about more than simply accepting those that want a shot at better life.

It’s about understanding that no what matter what language you speak, no matter what culture you belong to, we are all part off the same country. United we will stand, but divided we will fall.

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