A comfort zone is a real thing that can be seen, felt, and can also act as a detriment to the kind of growth that humans need as they continue to develop through the lifespan. It’s a hard thing to break through once it’s become your habit, as you feel in control, comforted, and absolutely safe inside the bubble you’ve created. Nothing can touch you there and….wait….EVERYTHING can touch you there. Your comfort zone is the space or environment or lifestyle where you reside, where you think you’re the safest, and as a result you might feel more at ease when people find their way into your orbit, as you can guide the conversation and any situation as you see fit.

That’s not living however. Despite how it might feel, how it might seem, your comfort zone is a little pocket of the real world where only you feel absolutely at ease. Even those that know you best and understand your needs would likely rather see you break out of it a time or two just to take a look around. It’s not easy, that’s understood, as some people are natural introverts and don’t do well with change. But if you don’t poke your head out and see what’s going on every now and again you might miss out on a life that could have shown you wonders that can’t be seen from within your perfect little zone.

Change can be disruptive, frightening, and even damaging if taken too far too fast.


However true this is, and it is without a doubt, that feeling of control slipping away when you manage to step outside that zone is only the fear of the unknown, of that which can’t be easily absorbed because it’s not meant to be. Life isn’t meant to be compartmentalized and focused into tiny parcels that fit neatly into your frame of existence. It’s meant to be lived, experienced, and enjoyed. Your comforting little zone will still be there if you step away for a few moments, the world won’t simply trash it while you’re gone.

Do yourself a favor and do something crazy. Step out of that zone for a spell and realize that life is about the thrill, and feeling your heartbeat increase with fear, joy, or just the sheer wonder of what lies outside your own little world. Don’t be afraid to live a little, and to poke your head out and see what the world around you is doing.

If you do the same thing all your life then you’ll have lived only a percentage of what you could have had.


The chance you’ll take in this life, be it one or many, is the fork that leads away from your comfortable path and offers a change to your normal routine. It’s a bit dim, but that’s because it’s waiting to be lit as you traverse its winding course, not because it’s fraught with unknown dangers. If you want change in your life you’ll have to take a few twists and turns along the story, otherwise your life might be summed up in one page rather than an epic tale that modern day bards would be proud to speak of.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but really, if you want to change your surroundings then you’ll have to do more than the same things you’ve been doing so long. If the scenery never changes then neither will your point of view.

Ready for the kicker? YOU are in control of whether you live in a bubble or in the real world.

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Nobody’s saying it’s easy to break out of your zone, but everyone will likely agree that doing it once or twice will give you a taste for it. Ever try eating one potato chip? It’s entirely possible, but your tongue still starts to tingle for that taste once it’s had a chance to experience it, right? Use whatever food analogy you want, but the point is that once you’ve seen past your own self-imposed boundaries you’ll want to see what is really out there.

And the best part is that it will be waiting and ready. So come on and see what you’re missing already.

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