By now there are a lot of people that have seen this clip. The only problem is that many have seen the clip that the boy’s mother edited and posted, basically the grown man choking her son and throwing him to the ground. But watch the clip from front to end, it’s a little more telling than what initially went online. Not only is this kid aggressive, in the older man’s face, and continuously daring him to do something, but he becomes physical near the end and, after receiving his comeuppance, has the gall to lash out at those who saw the entire thing and are rightfully admonishing him over it. Anyone want to state the obvious?

Yes, this kid obviously has problems, and yes, his parents might very well be the type that allow this kind of behavior or somehow cause it. But is that the problem of those tha have to deal with him? Should he be allowed to throw rocks at cars, terrorize other kids on the playground, or treat adults in this manner? It’s a fervent hope that the answer most people give is a loud and resounding ‘no’.

But if we need to, let’s go play by play.

The kid would not move aside and kept getting in the older man’s face.

Not only is is aggressive behavior, but it is the utmost disrespect as the kid would not stop mean-mugging the adult and kept daring him to do something. The older man did nothing at first, merely asking the kid to move and going as far as telling him that if he didn’t then he would grab him and move him. What’s your natural reaction when someone stands in your path? Is it to bow down to them and wait until they decide to move, or is it to find another way around them and try to talk to them? The adult did what he could, even moving forward when the kid tried to push against him.

Once the adult had reached the side door and was about to enter the building, the kid began to get very physical.

Granted, the boy’s punches weren’t all that much and probably wouldn’t have bothered an elderly grandparent, but it’s the fact that the disrespect continued and that he dared to lay his hands on anyone. There had already been an attempt by one woman on the scene to try and pull him away, to avoid this nonsense, but the boy wasn’t having it. He wanted to fight, he wanted to get in the older man’s face, and as a result he wanted to cause a reaction.

Guess what happened next? The boy got his reaction.

There is usually no reason to put your hand on a kid, not at all. However in light of what happened preceding this moment the older man had shown incredible restraint. But when the kid wouldn’t stop hitting him and wouldn’t let up, the adult had had enough. He didn’t strike him, though he did grab him by the throat and force him to the ground. Is that wrong? Usually it would be with a resounding YES, but in this case it seems more than allowable given the overwhelming circumstances that led to the kid being thrown to the ground in a heap.

Then the kid did what most bullies do when they’re outclassed and find out that they’re not that tough. He cried like a little child and screamed abuse, and normally you might think that someone would come and condemn the older man and take the kid’s side.

Not this time.

The kid was admonished by no less than three or four women that told him to watch his mouth as he began to unveil a slew of foul language and accusations, and not a single tear was shed, except perhaps by the humbled and very angry child that had learned a very hard and painful lesson: the world doesn’t bow to bullies. As the kid went off in a huff he continued to spew profanities at anyone in the vicinity, even daring to get in the face of one of the women before turning tail and walking away.

This is not okay.

Yes the kid likely has a few problems, but this type of behavior is still not okay. Had the man been someone that didn’t care and had no intention of stopping he might not have been getting up so quickly. As it is the kid’s mom came back later on to find out what had happened and was quick to give an apology, BEFORE posting the video of the older man throwing her son to the ground. Thankfully the cops asked the older man if he wanted to press charges (Yes, the cops sided with the older man) to which he responded no. That may or may not have been the right move, as this kid obviously needs some type of therapy, but at the very least it is great to know that things like this will not stand.

No adult should ever strike a child, but keep in mind that no child should ever dare to disrespect an adult in this manner. Kids think they can do what they want because they’re kids? This kid just got a serious wakeup call.


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