It’s difficult to argue for or against this matter without having to take a good long look at why it’s necessary and why it seems to drain our country dry when it comes to funding. Protecting our country and making certain that those serving in the armed forces have the necessary equipment, materials, and funding they need to continually protect our nation as well as America’s people overseas and around the world is important, but somehow it seems to get left out that other aspects our lives require funding to continue as needed as well. There is no doubt that a country that can defend itself is far more secure and able to care for its people than those that have no standing military at all. Yet for all that it seems as though that our country is severely lacking in other areas when it comes to the necessary funding.

Funding for the military is a necessity as it not only helps those that serve this nation to protect and defend it, but it can also help to stimulate economy. Looking at the various charts and graphs that are produced by the day on military spending and how much it takes away from other areas you might find it difficult to believe that such a thing is possible, but then think of the commodities and necessities that will be needed when preparing a military that comprises so many that are willing to serve their country.

Instead of attempting to debate at this point I get the feeling it’s best to point out a few pros and cons and let people decide as they will just how military spending can be positive or negative for our country. As always I tend to believe there can be a healthy balance so long as folks are willing to discuss what’s really needed.



  • It’s used for important matters within the military. This means training, healthcare, equipment, facilities, and anything that is deemed as necessary for each branch of the armed forces.
  • There are funds allocated for emergency and supplemental spending. Such funds are included in the federal budget and are used in “as-needed” situations.
  • It’s used to deter foreign threats that could still pose a problem to America. By maintaining a state of alertness it’s possible to keep those would be enemies at bay, but it does require spending in order to maintain such vigilance.
  • In order to keep the military ready and prepared it takes funds to keep them trained, to keep the equipment maintained, and to keep up with the needed technology that is necessary to stay alert and aware.


  • There is such a thing as overkill. The USA spends roughly 18 times more on its military than many nations do combined. While it keeps America alert it also breed paranoia.
  • It can be used to fund wars that are not real and therefore only fund the idea that one politician or another has stated is worth supporting. In this manner it becomes a needless expense that becomes a drain on the economy.
  • There isn’t a lot of balance between foreign aid and diplomacy and overall security. In order to prevent conflict it is sometimes necessary to divert spending to helping others rather than seeking to arm or disarm them.
  • There is a very real danger of the funds being used in an irresponsible manner. Whether it happens on a regular basis or not, or if this is rumor, does not assuage the fact that military spending at times seems rather wasteful and prone to abuse.

The military budget of the USA is just one way to look at the nation’s military power. How the money is spent really depends on the ability and number of adversaries that are being defended against. How well the military uses the funds it receives is always up for debate since it involves a great many individuals, all of whom have their own opinion on the matter. It is quite necessary in order to defend and protect this country, but there are times when it seems that the amount spent on the nation’s military is hard to justify, especially when those that serve in the armed forces tend to find it so difficult to receive the care and attention they need when their term of service is up.

But that’s a discussion for another post….


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