There are a lot of arguments to consider when it comes to sending aid to Israel with each passing year. In truth Israel does receive a massive amount of aid from the US and does seem to depend on this country for a great many things. That can be unfortunate as it speaks to a dependency that can cripple a country by giving them everything instead of helping them to get back to a stable base from which they can operate. There is also the unfortunate fact that in some way America is facilitating the continued attacks on other countries such as Palestine and Syria that are being committed by Israel. There is always a reason why such attacks occur, but whether we as a nation want to believe them wholeheartedly or even step into the middle is a question that many people are starting to ask themselves.

One thing that many people are tired of at this point however is funding a country that has been at war with its neighbors in one way or another for over a century now. It’s been this long and no peace has been able to last for longer than a short period at best, and the US has continued to step into the middle of it, pouring funds into the bank account of those that are deemed worth helping. Should we stop? No, not really, as it is any country’s duty to help others when they possibly can. But perhaps if the US took a different stance and tried to help those in need rather than granting more armament to those that are willing to continue the fighting things could possibly change. In too many ways it would be like a teenager trying to tell two tired old folks to stop hitting one another, the effort is likely wasted as each country will accept the help so long as it can help them gain an advantage over each other.

Oh yeah, I’m waiting for debate on this one.

We seem to spend more in aiding other countries than we do on our own.


Again, helping other countries is great, it’s a humanitarian thing to do, and when the aid gets to those that actually need it then it becomes an act of kindness that is truly appreciated. But let’s think about this for a moment, and without overt judgment until after reading, our country gives billions to others overseas so that they can rebuild, survive, and flourish, while in our own country many cities seem to be left out in the cold, told to fend for themselves. A great analogy is that as good neighbors we’ll gladly spend as much as we can to make sure that our neighbor’s yard is well taken care of, fenced in, patrolled regularly, and made to grow just as it should. But ours? Ours becomes patchy, covered in weeds, barren in some places, and looks as though we spend pennies on the dollar to keep it going.

Don’t mistake this as an agreement to cut US aid to other countries in the slightest. But there are times when it’s necessary to take care of our own yard to insure that it can grow and flourish as well, and taking billions away from such an endeavor and placing it elsewhere doesn’t always help.

There’s more than one way to look at it.


Sigh. There will always be more than one way to look at any issue, and this is no different. Many are tired of seeing money that could be used to fix up our own country being given to those that are either not in any serious need of it, or are going to use it to keep funding a war that has gone on for far too long. In the US situations continue to occur when federal assistance could at least help or assuage the problem but are ignored and severely underfunded. In the meantime a good chunk of money that is used to help other nations is either squandered in some way or granted to those that help in very big ways but none that seem to ease the problems with our infrastructure.

It is very difficult to outright condemn a nation that helps with the security of our own, but the continued handout, and it is a handout, seems to indicate that other countries are far more important than taking care of those that call this nation home. Some would argue with this, and vehemently so, stating that is the job of our country to help others in need. But then why can’t we help ourselves when it’s needed?

The comments to come should be interesting.

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