Many people suffer from tunnel vision and never know it, some do out of habit, and some prefer this view to the confusing morass of ethical issues and moral conundrums that we see and hear on a daily basis every time we open our eyes. But the downfall of keeping this habit and continually referring to it as “the only way” is that one can limit themselves to outside opinions that might mirror their own despite being presented differently. The more one closes themselves off to the opinions of others, the more likely it becomes that they will cease to accept that their way is not the only way to think. Okay that’s a bit melodramatic and it’s not the norm, but it is still a very common occurrence that can and does happen to many individuals. Seeing only the point or opinion that you believe is correct and refusing to see the veracity of anything else because you “know this is right” limits your scope in a way that is hard to fathom for any rational, free-thinking human being.

For some however it is a comfort to not bother with other opinions, as it might shake the foundations of what they know should any other argument make sense and thereby disrupt what they feel is right. It’s true that the world outside of one’s own opinion is a varied and sometimes confusing place. But it is also important to be able to take the views of others and hold them against your own to test whether or not you share the same beliefs with others while differing on your course, or if there is something to be learned from an opposite viewpoint. Refusing to see the world in favor of that one line of focus can be beneficial, and I’ll explain, but it can isolate an individual in a very negative way.

Tunnel vision can limit the understanding between people.

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There are times when tunnel vision is beneficial, such as those moments when you absolutely need to shut out the rest of the world in order to think, to focus, and to concentrate upon one thing or another. But other than this there are simply too many differing opinions and beliefs to be held within one focal point. One answer does not satisfy the masses, and one opinion might hold sway, but it is not the opinion that all will look to when they seek answers.

Some might argue that this is wrong, that their point of view is what is right due to these facts, or those studies, or the evidence that has been gathered throughout the years on whatever subject is being discussed. What has to be remembered however is that as much as one will attempt to force into their line of focus, and however much they will prove that what they say has roots in the unique vision that they entertain, there is so much more outside of that tunnel into which they’ve assembled their facts and data. There is an entire world beyond our perspective that has the right to agree and disagree with us based on their opinions and philosophies. There is no single point of view that can adequately contain every opinion and belief.

It’s important to step out of the tunnel now and again.



Some people don’t want to, other’s simply can’t bring themselves to, and then some don’t see any value in it for some reason. But the stark truth of it is that taking the time to see the world from a different perspective is quite important in the role of any human being. You don’t need to live the life of another in order to understand what they’re going through, but it pays to at least try and see things from their perspective in order to gain a better idea of what their life might be like. Before rushing to judgment on anyone in this world it is important to at least try to understand the point of view that another employs when looking at the world. Obviously some will be less receptive than others, but by limiting yourself to one point of view nothing changes, and the world will go on as it is and has been for quite some time. Taking the time to understand another’s perspective however, when such a thing is possible, is the key to stepping out of the tunnel and better comprehension of the world at large.

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