There is no good excuse for this. No governmental policy, nor reason that has to do with illegal immigrants coming into the country can possibly explain away the idea of taking children from their parents, splitting families asunder, and causing an untold amount of grief, despair, and emotional trauma that will likely stay with a child for a long, long time. And that’s not even counting the parents that have to watch their children be taken from them even after claiming asylum. There’s been at least one document suicide after a father’s children were taken from him, but it’s doubtful that was the only one or that it will be the last. While entering the US illegally is seen as a crime it has also apparently become a good excuse to separate families and cause an untold amount of pain to all parties involved.

The kids are typically taken by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and are placed with relatives or those within the US that can act as legal guardians, but there is still little to no resolution after being taken from their families. It is a rather cruel and humorless joke when our government states that there are some ‘bad hombre’s’ that we need to look out for when they’re crossing the border, since many of those bad hombres don’t seem to be suffering nearly as badly as the families that are being punished for seeking out a better life.

While it’s true that there is a wrong way and a right way to go about entering the country, one has to remember that America is supposedly the land of opportunity and a more forgiving place that seeks to embrace the poor and disadvantaged in an effort to help them become prominent citizens that will contribute to this nation as they grow into adults. Tell me, how many children that have been taken from their mothers and fathers do you think will come to look upon the US as a truly kind and forgiving place after their time in a detention center?

It’s not a bleeding heart that’s needed to turn this debacle around, it’s a hard-nosed individual that sees potential in helping these people rather than caging them like animals.

The living conditions.


Does anything else need to be said? Most people don’t treat their dogs this way, yet our country is treating human beings like little more than criminals as they first separate them and then give them what amounts to just barely enough to make them comfortable. Prisoners receive more consideration than this and what’s more, these people have done nothing to deserve this treatment. Yes crossing the border illegally is seen as a crime, but when a murderer and rapist is given more rights than a person that’s done little more than seek a place to start over and create a new and prosperous life it’s safe to say our country has screwed up its priorities just a bit.

It’s not working out the way some think it should.


The numbers of people trying to illegally cross have not been deterred by this somehow, though it would seem that by some accounts, made by those that could not back them up with hard evidence, that it might have. People are still coming, and they’re still being detained, and they’re still being treated in a way that doesn’t foster any faith in the legal system of the United States. Our POTUS has even stated that not only is there a law that allows this to happen, but that it’s the fault of the Democrats for not getting their act together. But hey, the wall is coming along great, isn’t it?

Perhaps by taking those millions that are going towards a wall that might never be built and putting it towards treating these folks like human beings it might be possible to help them become naturalized citizens that can contribute to this country rather than bitter and angry individuals that will still seek to become naturalized and possible resent the US for a long, long time after. Forgiveness will be difficult if not impossible to earn in the short-term.

Can you say that we deserve it at this point?

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