I’m not sure how you feel about this clip but upon listening to it I felt a bit of bile rise in the back of my throat. He has a few good points when it comes to the worst parts of human nature and what it means to work against one another. But in truth, America was created as a diverse place that is meant to respect every last person and their differences while attempting to pull them all together in an effort to create a nation that celebrates all races, all cultures, and all genders in as equal a manner as is humanly possible. Plus, as he points out, America was founded on equality, on giving everyone their equal share, but rarely in its beginning stages did America practice what it preached.

People of color, of different religions, and of different gender than white males have been treated horribly in this country for many a year. Let’s not step into the racial arguments that have plagued our country for so long, however rightful they are in their estimations, but instead let’s admit that our country has a rather dark history in many points that such men as this seem to ignore in their attempt to state that we are all equal but can not benefit in different ways. Yes, it is a bit unfair when one individual earns an advantage simply for belonging to a certain group or culture, and yes, it does undermine the needs of equality for all when those that do work long, hard hours must give up part of their paycheck, or those same hours, to those that are hired on simply because it’s deemed necessary.

But this is America folks, and it’s the only country we’ve got. Respecting and celebrating diversity is what we do, and it’s what we’ve always said we were founded on. It’s time to finally live up to that standard and let go of the idea that we can’t work together to create a better nation.

We might not look the same, but fundamentally we’re all the same.


I can’t wait for the arguments on this one, but think it over really quick and realize the truth that beyond what we look like, what we can do, and how we act around others, we are all the same. We’re made of the same things, we want the same things in life, and each are willing to do what it takes to get them. Now all we need is the chance, the opportunity to show what we can do, and there’s no doubt that America will be a great place if we’re allowed to do it together. Far too many different forces tear us apart and what’s worse, we let them sometimes. We focus so much on our differences that it actually surprises us when we figure out that we have similarities that tie us together.

Being a diverse country doesn’t mean that we’re all going to get along 100% of the time, but it does mean that learning to live with one another and accept each other for what we can offer to the same country is important to its integrity and to its success.

This is what it looks like to make America great.


People helping people, people of ALL races helping each other. That’s what makes a nation great, by pulling together and understanding that we’re not going to be equal in all things, but that we can still build a country up together and make it a great place to live. That’s what so many people seem to be missing at this point, that our country is a diverse and enriching place that offers a chance to get to know so much about other cultures and the people that practice them. America is not a nation that was founded on the premise of one people, one ideal, and one type of belief. We were founded by our differences and how they were used to pull us together, not keep us apart.

It’s time to open our eyes once again folks and realize that while we’re all different in some way, we’re all still united in the fact that we love this country because it’s our home, and the only one we’ve got.



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