Before I get any messages stating how ‘welfare is for those that need it and it’s not as abused as people think and this that and the other’ ask yourself when the last time you went to a grocery store or any other location that takes food stamps was. Obviously that’s not the extent of welfare but it’s one of the best examples, and one of the greatest examples of how people abuse the welfare system. Ever notice how those folks with multiple tattoos, some of them that look quite fresh, and iPhones and other various expensive items on them seem to have all the money in the world but are still paying with food stamps? The welfare system does a lot of good for those that are willing to earn it and apply it as needed, but those that would deny that people are abusing it are either blind or refuse to see it.

Having been on the SNAPS and WIC programs I’ll be the first to admit that they do a world of good when you’re not making as much money and trying to find a job to support your family. But the idea of paying into something that allows people to essentially mooch off of their fellow taxpayers is an irritating and sometimes infuriating habit that seems to happen with greater frequency no matter how the welfare system changes. People living in nice homes, driving new or close to new cars, and affording all kinds of luxuries will stay on food stamps and other programs largely because to them it’s free money. Why would anyone give that up? The only problem with this is that their actions tend to make it harder for those that actually need the assistance and find it more and more difficult to obtain it as the system attempts to crack down on those that are abusing it.

So what’s to be done?

Creating stricter prerequisites is a good plan, but it still creates loopholes.


The people that genuinely need assistance are those that benefit most from welfare, but those that don’t need it are more than willing to jump each hurdle in some way and continue getting what they think of as ‘free money’. Unfortunately these people don’t seem to realize that this free money is coming out of the pockets of the taxpayers that are essentially buying them the easygoing lifestyle they seem to be enjoying. So instead of helping people those of us that are working hard for every dollar are funding those that want to kick back and enjoy the good life. Some folks might claim that proving that they can work, or that they can’t, and being made to take a drug test and provide photo ID is simply too much work. Hell, that’s not even the starting point of the average worker’s day.

Those that work the system often claim that they can’t work, but they can certainly enjoy their lives on the taxpayer’s dime.


With unemployment it seems to be that people have to prove that they are actually seeking work in order to get their weekly payment. If that’s the case then why not do this for welfare? Let them get a job, prove it, and then have their employer vouch for them ever thirty days to show that they can actually hold down a job. Wait, what’s that you say? Then they wouldn’t need welfare? Well hey then, problem solved!

It’d be nice if it were that simple, but the cost of living has created a serious problem in that some people can’t afford a home even while working 70-hour weeks. Those that face this problem are those that actually need the welfare, while those able to get out and earn a living with the skills they have are those that sometimes seem content to sit on their butts and collect that welfare check every month. Jobs are hard to find? Lower your standards. You’re too proud to work in fast food? Then you’re too proud to own a smartphone and too proud to pay for another tattoo. Once their pockets start getting empty and their stomachs start rumbling many people that abuse the welfare system will either find another way to be a mooch or will find a job. It’s a simplistic way of looking at things, but it’s also one that gets overlooked quite often.

Make no mistake, those that need welfare assistance should be able to get it.


It might seem cruel and it might seem very harsh, it might even seem like and idea that might agree with our current POTUS, but nothing could be further from the truth. While welfare is not meant as a career it is also there to help those in need. But figuring out just who is in need and who is abusing the system is a tough call at times. Those that could use the welfare system to get back on their feet and find their way back to some semblance of a stable life should be encouraged and allowed to do so. Those that continue to take the welfare money and do anything and everything other than what they should with it however are kind of spoiling the image of what the welfare system was intended for. There have been many ideas on what welfare reform should really look like, but cutting it as has been proposed is not the way to go about it.

Standing in the position of someone that has scratched and scraped to make a living, it is easy to pass judgment on those that sit about and do nothing and collect a check for an ailment or a physical impairment that may or may not be entirely real. While those that need it should get it, those that don’t should be up, out, and working to help those that do. There’s a lot of ‘shoulds’ that are involved with those on welfare, especially given that in this day and age there is no excuse to not have a job doing something. If they can’t handle manual labor then there’s always something that can be done online or over the phone. If the excuse is they can’t this or they can’t that then the answer should eventually be “well I can’t release this check until you CAN show that you can WORK for it”.


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