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It’s not the nicest of subjects to talk about, and it’s something that tends to elicit a great deal of controversy whenever it comes up, but child trafficking is very real and it is a serious problem in the world today. But talking about it is still something that needs to be done, and following that action is what needs to be taken. How do we do it though? The one thing that traffickers seem to thrive on is the fact that there are numerous ways that they can practice their trade without anyone catching them. There are those individuals that care deeply enough and will sacrifice everything so that not one child will have to suffer. But those that either cannot find a way to contribute or are bound by where they are or other factors can at least become educated in the fact, yes the FACT, that child trafficking is very real and that it needs to be stopped.

The exploitation of children is bad enough, but upon hearing what they go through and how they are abused is enough to turn one’s stomach. The knowledge of the horrors they face and the nightmares they have to endure is the starting point to caring enough to do something about it. Educating yourself in how many individuals really find themselves within this tangled web is a means by which you can find a way to raise your voice and support the efforts of those that are seeking to end this despicable practice. It is a subject that brings many emotions to the fore and for good reason. Those who would steal the innocence of a child are those that, no matter what, are guilty of one of the most diabolical sins in this world.

In case you missed it, CHILD TRAFFICKING IS REAL.

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There are many out there that don’t want to hear or see the ugly truth of humanity and what people do to each other. But the fact remains that are anywhere between 20 and 30 million slaves in the world today and many upon many of them are children. How could this happen? When you live on a planet that currently holds over 7 billion people, 20 to 30 million seems like a very small number. This is a lot of people that go missing and that are exploited, abused, and in some cases tortured, but yet they remain missing and in a population this big aren’t likely to be found without a monumental effort. Considering that many kids that go missing and end up being placed into this position because they come from unstable home lives, the matter isn’t bound to get better if they have no one to miss them. Even those that have people looking are slim on hope unfortunately.

It’s hard to argue with facts, but some do anyway.


Humanity often doesn’t like looking in the mirror and seeing its own faults. The problem of child trafficking is a HUGE flaw that some people still see fit to ignore, while others staunchly deny as they’ve never seen it. You never “see” gravity but you see its effects on the world. Many never see a hurricane forming from miles off but they certainly feel it when it hits. The act of denying the ugly and horrible things that humans do to each other and the attempt to cover it up is just as despicable as the act itself. Trying to wipe it away by claiming that it doesn’t affect your society or any other that you know is quite asinine and absolutely reprehensible.

The life of a child, any child, is meant to be one of wonder and joy, not misery and despair.

This is a huge business. Yeah, you read it correctly.


Feel like vomiting now? Child trafficking pulls in around $32 billion a year, approximately, with one kid being worth around $90 on average. That should give you a better idea of just how many kids are really affected by this issue and why it’s so important that it stops. Slightly less than half of that profit is made from industrialized countries, so America, our country IS implicit in this. As one of the leading nations of the world it’s not just a responsibility, it’s a debt that’s owed to these children to end this business as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the likelihood that it will happen is slim, as the general outrage that is felt seems to eclipse the efforts that are being undertaken by those that are willing to stand up and say “No more.”

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