While this is a touchy issue it’s still worthwhile to bring up as there are a lot of varying opinions on it. Transgenders, males and females, have been gaining in prevalence for some time now and have also been fighting as hard as they can to be treated as equals and to avoid being persecuted for identifying as a different gender than they were born as. But now it seems that the controversy is being focused on transgender athletes that have had no hormone therapy and no sexual reassignment surgery that are competing as the opposite sex.

There’s no call to say that they’re wrong for identifying as the opposite sex, but to some people it seems a bit off to allow them to compete as young girls, when a young man is transitioning, as it seems to give a bit of an unfair advantage. This has been seen in several instances thus far in which young transgender women that have not undergone therapy or surgery have been allowed to compete as women and have therefore been allowed to gain the advantage of their masculinity. In some cases this doesn’t seem to matter as they might be on a level playing field with other young women. But it has been typically seen, on average, that men have more muscle mass, greater endurance, and a much heavier bone structure, which can all be great advantages in a variety of sporting events.

The trouble comes in trying to determine what transgenders can do and what they can’t.


It’s already been deduced and argued over until it was determined that you cannot hope to force someone to identify with a gender that they are not comfortable with. But giving people the freedom to choose their gender also opens to door to allowing them to choose what they wish to do with their life. In terms of competitive sports this means that they will typically identify as their elected gender and will expect to compete others of the same gender. This might seem unfair, and in physical terms it definitely seems like it is, but limiting transgenders in such a way is equally unfair as it sends the message that society is okay with who they choose to be, so long as they don’t attempt to be competitive in any way.

A great many parents and others are upset over the unfair advantage this gives transgenders, particularly transgender women that have not yet transitioned.


Once again it’s kind of hard to say “No you can’t compete, but we accept you as you are” without sounding like a massive hypocrite. The advantage that is gained by transgender women that still have the form, strength, and thereby the advantage of young men doesn’t seem fair, but it could be turned into a positive as well. It could be seen as a boon to their team, even as it’s seen as unfair to other teams. This could also spur others on to become even better, thereby preserving the essence of competition that is so important in sporting events. Those parents and adults that have filed petitions to try and keep transgenders away from gender-specific sports have had only minimal success thankfully, but many of them continue to denounce this practice.

Transgenders must eventually undergo hormone therapy and begin the transition if they wish to compete outside of high school.

At this time it’s an acceptable practice in high school, but in college transgenders need to have begun or gone through hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery as college tends to be seen as much bigger stakes and will not allow such a thing to occur. Even in professional sports such as the UFC an individual has to undergo the process of becoming the gender they identify with in order to compete, or they will not be allowed. Even then the issue is that their body will still be that of the gender they were born with, and possibly grant them an advantage or a distinct disadvantage against their competitors.


Even after following the rules and making sure that everything has been done according to what is required many transgenders still find that many people unwilling to accept their role in organized sports, if they discover the truth about them. Transgenders deserve to compete just as anyone else does, but the muddied issue of whether they have the advantage over their opponents is one that bears a great deal of discussion, which is more than welcomed.

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