What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Wiccan religion? For some it would the idea that they are cult followers, that they worship dark and forbidding deities, and that perhaps ritual sacrifice is a part of their daily routine. If that’s the case then you’ve been reading too many fantasy books and watching too many TV shows and movies that display the dark arts without making the distinction between them and Wicca. One in particular that people tend to look at and be afraid of is The Blair Witch Project 2, which went a long way towards giving Wicca a bad name simply by being made.


Like all other religions however Wicca is a recognized and very serious matter that many upon many people practice. In fact likening Wiccans to Satanists is kind of like comparing Christianity to Atheism, it doesn’t fit and it’s a very unfair comparison.

Wiccans do honor their own gods.

They have a great reverence for their Goddess and her consort, the Horned God, as well as the Earth. Within the Wiccan religion however the main rule is that they are forbidden to harm others or themselves unless it is in self-defense. Oftentimes this is the same in any religion, yet it seems to be practiced very little in religions that are deemed as “tolerant” or “true”.

Wiccans do observe their own holidays.

A Wiccan can celebrate pretty much the same holidays as anyone else. They might view it in a slightly different light but this doesn’t mean that they won’t get in on the fun when they want to. But Wiccans also tend to celebrate the changing of the seasons, Samhain, the Celtic New Year that’s celebrated on October 31st. There’s also Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, and a host of other celebrations that are important to their religion. There is nothing even remotely satanic or dark about any of these celebrations and in fact if one was to observe such moments they might see that folks tend to have a lot of fun.

Wicca is not about sacrifice or dark magic.

It’s about life and the celebration of it in every aspect that can be enjoyed and observed. Wicca is a practice that promotes growth and change, much as other religions might claim. It is a spiritual and enlightening aspect of life that people choose in order to give thanks to nature and to the earth. While it does stem from some aspects of witchcraft it is not a harmful practice.

Like any religion Wicca has its own beliefs, its own tenets, and its own rules. There are also many different ways to practice Wicca, much like Christianity with its many denominations. The misunderstandings about Wicca however tend to rise from the representation given by the media and the depictions that are given by pop culture. Many people find that they enjoy the idea of dark magic and spells and other such controversial images and ideas, but this is not the typical way of Wicca. Where the mainstream ideas promote a feeling of foreboding and dread, Wicca is instead more about a system of beliefs that are liberating since they allow the individual to freely experience the self-empowerment that can come from realizing that they are in control of their fate.

It is a practice that many do not understand and therefore cannot get behind since they cannot control it or bend it to their will. It is quite unlike other religions but it is still something that people take on belief and gladly follow because it grants them an inner peace that they cannot find elsewhere. There is a great deal I am missing, but the main point here was to state that while it is a misunderstood practice, Wicca is no way evil or dark all on its own. Live-Wicca

Like all other things in this world, the only evil that is present is that which you allow into your being.




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