A lot of people should able to admit that anyone that has audacity to disrespect the American flag in front of them is simply asking for trouble. The problem with this is that there’s no action that will be taken when it comes to disrespecting the American flag, at least none that is legal. The only manner in which a person could be charged with anything would be if the disrespect of the flag was either preceding or following a criminal act, and unfortunately the desecration of the flag would not be the reason that they would face any legal ramifications. People will no doubt become incensed over this, but the flag is a symbol, a sign of our nation and not a sacrosanct item that carries some mystical property.

The disrespect shown to the flag however is hard to stomach simply because it denotes that those performing the act have no respect at all for the country that the flag belongs to. That perhaps is one of the biggest reasons why the desecration of the US flag is simply too hard to endure. Many can’t help but deny that they take part in multiple flag violations constantly without being fully aware of it. Want to know what a few of them are?

The flag is not supposed to be held horizontal.

This is a violation of the flag code as the flag is supposed to be allowed to hang vertically and fly free. So each and every time the NFL or anyone holds a flag horizontal they are in violation of the flag code.

The flag is not supposed to be used as apparel.

This might seem like splitting hairs, but if you really want to talk about disrespecting the flag then anything that depicts the American colors that is not allowed to hang free is considered a massive sign of disrespect.

The flag is not supposed to be a part of sports uniforms.

This is typically seen as a sign of solidarity, but the only place the US flag is supposed to be seen in this manner is on the uniforms of those that are actually in service to the US, such as those in the armed forces and other approved individuals that serve their country in some essential manner. This could be seen as highly disrespectful in terms of sports teams, but that’s an issue for another article.

So this:

maxresdefault (2)

: is indeed a flag violation since the flag is not only being laid on the ground, but is also being desecrated by being trampled on. But the sad fact is that it is a constitutionally-protected right that falls under the freedom of speech. It stings to admit this and to realize that people are technically allowed to do this, but it is a protected right. Those that would gladly rip the flag away from those that use it as a prop to denounce the country they live in are often cheered, but the fact remains that every last person in this country has the right to perform this act.

If you though that was bad, then the fact that public figures and celebrities have seen fit to badmouth the nation that has given them so much is even worse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, to live happy and fulfilling life, but damning the country that has allowed you the freedom of speech, the freedom to do as you want, and the freedom to actually have such an opinion seems a bit hypocritical.

The flag is a symbol, this much is true. Trampling on it, burning it, and doing any number of things to it is going to incense a great many people. But in the end it says more about the individual performing the act then it does about America. This country isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got, and thumbing our noses, metaphorically-speaking, at it doesn’t make the problems go away.

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