Out of the many issues that have arisen since Trump took office is the one that has to do with the wall that he wants to build between America and Mexico. Many people have become extremely divided on this issue and have been heard to launch accusations and rhetoric at one another in a torrent as the idea of the wall seems to hit one snag after another before being brought up yet again. At this point the wall has yet to be built since there is no available funding, but the prototypes have racked up a price tag of $20 million already, though whether that’s for one prototype or all of them is not clear.

The major point is that the wall will be a financial burden that someone has to shoulder, and at this juncture it would appear that Trump wants Mexico to foot the bill. The southern border of the US spans nearly 2,000 miles, meaning that a 30 foot tall border that is likely to include sensors, cameras, and other monitoring devices would be an immeasurable cost to anyone that undertook such a project. America currently has resources dedicated to patrolling about one-third of the distance, but obviously this has not been enough since illegal immigration has still been a problem in the past.

As of now American are split on the issue since there is the feeling that America was founded by immigrants and the idea that anyone can come here to make a better life. But there are those that claim that this is our country and in order to cross the legal process needs to be followed to the letter so that those coming to America can be welcomed with open arms. The only trouble is that the process is lengthy, difficult, and involves knowing more about America than many citizens that were born here.

There is an obvious need to keep the worst elements of any country from our borders, but it comes at the cost of keeping out those that could help to keep this country in a state of constant growth as well.

Here are a few other reasons why the wall could be a good or a bad thing.

The cost is enormous.

Right now the overall price tag of the wall is sitting between $8 to $25 billion for the entire thing. The maintenance costs for this are expected to be upwards of $50 billion. It seems odd that Trump would bring up the deficit at any point and time when his master plan would be attempting to sink the country into debt little by little each year.


Trump has already started building.

In January of 2017 Trump signed an order that would commence building on the wall. However at this point only about $1.6 billion has been firmly dedicated to the wall’s construction, and has managed to be enough for 25 miles, out of 2,000 of the wall. It has also gone for maintenance and repairs of the existing fences that guard the border.

There is a reason for the wall.

Allowing the wrong elements into the country isn’t a great idea but the trouble remains as to how to spot them. Stopping anyone and everyone from crossing means a lack of cultural diversity and growth in exchange for the safety of the country. It’s a very hard trade off but it’s one that many feel is worth it.

There are still reasons to stand against the wall.

There are few if any barriers in this world that human beings can’t work to get around. Building a wall such as this and dedicating so much money to it could be made useless by a tunnel system, or if an ambitious individual learned who to bribe or where the weak spots in the wall happened to be. There has to be a border that is able to be deemed as absolutely perfect.

It sends a rather negative message.

While it’s necessary to patrol one’s borders in case someone decides to get a little aggressive and start pushing forward, it’s also a message to the world that they’re not wanted, that the people behind that border feel that they are in some way superior and don’t need to bother with them. America was founded upon the idea that it would welcome immigrants of all races and embrace them. The wall however would indicate that there’s a No Vacancy sign hovering over the nation. That might seem a bit extreme but quite honestly the idea of keeping other nations away from the US is a bit ludicrous seeing as how America wouldn’t exist in its current capacity without being able to accept others into its embrace.

Personally if people are willing to come to this country it seems necessary to do so in the proper manner, but the wall seems highly extraneous, not to mention rather intimidating and unnecessary.





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