It doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway, people just cannot get along in today’s world. Just yesterday on June 6th a local food cart worker by the name of Islam Elmasry refused to take payment from one of his customers, Carlotta Washington, for her lunch. Islam apparently became quite animated and refused her payment, going so far as to call her the one word that you simply don’t call African American individuals in this present time, ever.

Carlotta, obviously upset at this point, decided to capture the moment on her cell phone, verbally confronting Islam as he continued to move about in his cart, telling her to leave. However, she was having none of it as she attempted to confront him yet again. It was then that Islam escalated the situation by throwing a bottle of Gatorade at Carlotta, hitting her and knocking her phone to the ground. Apparently just after this he doused her in hot sauce, drenching her enough that the sauce reached her eyes and began to burn.

Bystanders were notably upset with Islam and began to call him out for his ill behavior, yet the food vendor responded with baleful comments as he tried to defend his actions. Is this really what we’re coming to? Food vendors are typically glad for customers and many of them are in fact quite prevalent in downtown Portland, Oregon, where this incident took place. Unfortunately Islam’s actions may well put a dent in his profits if word of mouth gets out and people realize just what happened.

Without video evidence of what happened before the incident there’s no way to know what really sparked this confrontation, especially since both Elmasry and Washington have not answered any calls since after the incident. but there a few things that are evident about the story.

Elmasry committed an assault on Washington.

Food vendors have the right to refuse service to anyone just like any other business, but in this case Elmasry didn’t just refuse service, he assaulted Washington by throwing an object at her with willful intent. He then escalated the situation by spraying her with hot sauce. Since this incident Elmasry has been booked into the county jail.

What’s wrong with quarters?

A lot of people don’t carry cash on them these days, and even those that do might tend to carry more change on them than anything. Quarters are still currency and they’re a great deal easier to count out than dimes or pennies. Elmasry might have been in a rush to get his orders out but simply refusing payment due to the fact that he had to deal with coins is a bit ridiculous, not to mention petty. It all spends the same after all.

A couple of people at least bore witness to the scene.

Instead of not wanting to get involved, a couple of witnesses did speak on Ms./Mrs. Washington’s behalf, leading one to believe that there are still some people out there willing to do the right thing. One witness even gave Washington a ride home. This proves that there is some good left in the world amidst so much drama.

We all have off days, but assaulting someone for paying with change isn’t the best way to do business.

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