This is a touchy subject for many upon many people and rightfully so since it is such a hot button issue. People will gladly pick their side on this matter whenever it comes up, and will denounce any view opposite their own with great fervor at times, particularly if there is no way to compromise in any discussion that happens to arise. Is it murder? Is it a necessary evil? It’s hard to tell at times, particularly if the issue gets muddied as it tends to do with the overall feelings and beliefs of those that continue to batter away at one another with a matter of public opinion. There is simply too much emotion involved in this matter to make it anything close to being rational no matter how much anyone decides to kid themselves that such a thing is possible.

Those that have been through it are still divided upon the issue as well, though of course there are those that have done it that would gladly say that it is their body and their choice, which seems a reasonable statement. Yet those crying out that it is the murder of a child, the wasting of a life, seem to have their facts rooted in rationality despite the tumultuous emotions that lie beneath the surface. There is no easy way to say it, abortion is the taking of a life that has done no wrong for a purpose that may or may not be just. It is an issue that many people believe has no middle, no set compromise, and yet it is one in which neither side ever seems to escape the massive tidal wave of emotions that comes when the death of a child, or the bundle of cells that might have made up a child, is taken from this world.

The differing viewpoints do in fact propose that their side is right and come armed with facts as to why they are correct beyond any shadow of a doubt. Here are just a few reasons given by each side.


There are laws that ban abortion .

So far about 38 states have adopted these laws that state the killing of an unborn child is a crime that is punishable by law.

It has been found that a fetus can feel pain during an abortion.

This makes it very clear that this is an unusual and harmful procedure that can be felt within the first trimesters. Research has shown that the fetus can feel the pain of being taken from the mother’s womb, especially since abortion is an act that is going against the body’s natural inclination to protect the fetus.

With abortion comes a greater likelihood of depression for the woman.

Women that have had an abortion have been seen to be much likelier to become depressed and even cause themselves harm. Studies have shown that their capability of committing suicide is unbearably high.

These points argue that while an abortion might be made safe by modern techniques it is still a procedure that promotes little more than pain and misery endured by both the fetus and the mother.

Keep Abortion Legal NOW Round

Abortions allow women to reduce the chance of their baby being born with a serious deformity or life-threatening defect.

This sounds quite horrible but there are those that would rather not give birth a baby that will be disadvantaged or caused to feel unneeded pain from a serious physical defect that might hamper their ability to develop.

Abortion is a means of population control.

As  the population continues to grow, resources are continuing to grow scarce as the world is becoming smaller with the added influx of people. Abortions are the very least a way to try and halt the continuing population boom.

Personhood begins when the fetus is able to live outside the womb.

Until this point many people do not consider a fetus to be a person. Life does not begin at conception in the eyes of many, but the point of birth, when the lifespan of a person begins.

As I said before, this issue is so emotionally-charged that it warrants a great deal of time, though, and effort to make it a worthwhile conversation, rather than an epic shouting match. My own personal views are muddied as both sides offer much more explanation than I’ve given, though the difficult decision whether to go through a pregnancy or not should always include the woman, as it is her body, and her choice. It is never an easy one to make.


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