It’s hard to know the whole story without having been there but it would appear that an African American woman on a New York Subway not only verbally berated an elderly Asian woman, but she even went so far as to push her off of her seat as well. While this might seem appalling to many, and it is according to those that have seen it thousands of times now on social media, this act is one more bit of proof in the eyes of many that America is not as tolerant a place as many might think.

The incident occurred due to the elderly woman asking the first woman’s children, who were occupying one seat apiece, if they could move so she could sit down. It’s quite obvious that their mother, who was seated right next to them, took offense to this and almost immediately began to berate and shout at the woman, not only in front of the rest of the passengers, but in front of her children as well. The elderly woman did her best it seems to calm the woman down, but her words had little if any effect other than to anger the other woman as she continued to grow more and more agitated.

At one point the woman threatened to push the elderly lady from her seat, and when the woman shifted the female aggressor wasted no time in forcing her out of the seat and onto the floor. Her child was then quick to resume the seat she had willingly given up as the elderly woman stood up and took a spot, still standing, across the train while the other woman continued to berate her.

Some feel this could be the defensive instincts of a mother attempting to protect her children, while many others feel that the woman was entirely out of line and should be booked for assault. There are a few things that might be observed here however that could have some bearing on the issue.

On a train or bus it is considered polite and in some cases necessary to give up one’s seat to an elderly, pregnant, or disabled passenger.

In many ways this is a common courtesy as those that are elderly, pregnant, or disabled might still have the option to stand, but doing so is quite difficult and their ability to keep their balance is more limited than it would be for anyone else. Giving up one’s seat to those that are truly in need is an expected courtesy that many seem to have forgotten in this day and age, as is evidenced here. The mere fact that the elderly woman had to ask the children to move so that she could sit is a saddening fact that highlights just how the morality and ethical nature of our nation has changed throughout the years.

When in the presence of children, especially your own, a calm and collected manner is usually best.

This woman has a slight issue with her anger, of that there is no doubt. She attributes this to being a mother, but this doesn’t excuse her assault on the elderly woman in any way. Instead of showing a calm and composed manner that could help to teach her children how to hand conflict she is showing open aggression and a decided lack of respect for the elderly, their fellow passengers, and her children. Without knowing if the elderly woman pushed her children out of the seat or not the fact still remains that this woman lost control and in doing so has shown her children that violence and aggression is the only answer when solving a problem.

Could her children not sit with her?

She had to call one of her children from across the train to come sit with her, and it would appear that two of her children could easily fit into one seat. So why the ruckus? There was no evidence that the elderly woman pushed her children, nor was there any aggression on her part. It’s also fairly laughable that she kept repeating “Welcome to America” and called herself a gangster. It’d be hard to know if that last part was true without knowing who the woman was, but thankfully she doesn’t speak for all Americans.

Common courtesy and kindness seems to be going the way of the dodo in some parts of the world.


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