There’s bound to be some blowback from this, but in the spirit of sharing opinions it seems pertinent to at least throw my hat in the ring and state that while arming teachers could be a positive thing in some schools, it might not be wise to arm them all. Of course that leaves the question of who should be armed and the discrimination that would surely follow. People would undoubtedly have a point when it comes to this and would be able to raise the argument of why one teacher should be able to handle a firearm while another teacher might not be trusted with one. So how in the world would we decide who is trustworthy and who isn’t?

To be honest that’s a scary question when you think about it.


At the current moment it’s unknown how many teachers actually have a permit to carry concealed.

Not every state broadcasts to parents whether their teachers are carrying or not. While this can truly frighten and unnerve many parents it might actually comfort others. Given the rash of school shootings in the past decade the lines that have been drawn on gun control and the belief that teachers should be allowed to arm themselves have grown blurry in some regards and sharper than ever in others. One thing that is certain however is that like all individuals, teachers are capable of mistakes and having days when they are highly unbalanced. This is why some folks might have an issue, as unbalanced teacher with a gun is about as dangerous as a heart surgeon with a hand tremor.

Having a gun in the classroom as a preventative measure is a boon, but many would see it as an accident waiting to happen.

With the safety on and possibly stored in a safe place that only the teacher knows about a gun can sit harmless and unable to do anything without finger to pull the trigger. The worry seems to be that kids will be kids and seek out the weapon if they happen to learn about it. While this is a largely unfounded fear many people have turned it into something that is nothing short of a horror story just waiting to be written. So long as the teacher is trained in gun safety and how to handle the weapon however it should be fine.


Security measures can chew up a school’s budget.

In some cases it’s been seen that security guards, metal detectors, and other such measures can run around $200,000 or more per year for a single school. While that’s not much for some institutions it’s still back-breaking for others that simply can’t afford the huge chunk it takes out of their annual budget. Arming teachers is significantly cheaper and is also much more effective since the school doesn’t end up feeling like a prison. The one thing that seems evident however is that while in school a teacher should not be able to carry their weapon on their person while in the halls or away from their classroom, simply for safety’s sake. The argument of whether they will have it if a shooter does come upon them in the hallway or elsewhere, away from their gun, is a sound one. But trusting to the good nature of students and their ability to quell their curiosity seems like a risky proposition.

As I said, I do expect a few comments from this, but I hope we can keep it civil.


  1. I have no issue with allowing teachers to be armed. I think it would be wise for the school districts to send those that want to carry through a concealed carry course. But really, I just want to see the government quit disarming everyone. Let those that want to carry do so. And those that don’t want the responsibility don’t have to.

    My wife is a teacher, and several of our friends are teachers. We live on the border with another state, and the contrast in attitudes is quite stark. Those that live in MN are adamantly against anyone having firearms, especially teachers in schools. Those that live in ND are mostly in favor of letting those people that want to carry do so.

    1. My personal opinion is that teachers that want to arm themselves need to be able to pass a psych evaluation and a gun safety course. It’s not a pleasant though to think of an unbalanced teacher in any case, but an unbalanced individual carrying a gun around kids is kind of terrifying. Apart from that it seems difficult and could possibly carry a very discriminatory feel if schools did go about limiting who can carry and who can’t. It’s a rather difficult issue to settle.

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