It might seem like a fanciful, worst-case scenario drummed up by the many individuals that don’t care to see Trump in office or care for the prospect of what might happen should he be impeached, but there are other signs leading to this disastrous prophecy that people aren’t as willing to ignore. Some have stated that the Second Civil War is already here and that it is being ‘fought’ on all fronts as people are willing to stand up and be persecuted for how they believe. Others however seem to feel that it is an entirely overblown concept and that the only way to avoid further conflict is to accept the fact of Trump’s presidency as the last saving grace for this nation.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Many of us have heard these words since we were children and while some still don’t seem to grasp the idea many upon many have taken it upon themselves to give their own perspective upon the words and thereby create a new meaning from a rather simple sentence. As a nation America has not been entirely united in some time, and in those moments when the nation has come together it has almost always been in the midst of tragedy. The triumphs that the nation has experienced have elicited mixed to negligible reactions by a great number of the people. It would seem tragedy is what pulls people together, but at this time the real tragedy has yet to occur. There is little to no common ground remaining in America and there are fissures opening between differing factions all over the nation. Eventually, if things continue, there could very well be a culture war that will spark something greater and even more dangerous.

President or Dictator?

The current POTUS certainly hasn’t tried to win friends but has plenty of supporters and unfortunately, in some cases, misguided sycophants that will live by his words until their dying breath. Another unfortunate occurrence is that those opposing him feel the same way, and will gladly spend their last breath in defiance of his presidency. Yet as it’s been seen and heard in the news as of late, Trump seems poised upon a very perilous ledge that might decide if he remains the POTUS, or becomes the dictator that this country does not desire. The mere mention of being able to pardon himself from any and all crimes has sent many people into a frenzy while even his own advisers tend to think it would be a bad idea. America was formed in defiance of those that would exert the power to favor their own political standing in such a manner, as the POTUS is a servant of the people and their representative, and must stand equal to his fellow American, never above.

What form will the instigating spark take?

It’s unknown just what will be the final stroke that will set the country against itself, or if this will ever happen. But conflict has been a way of life for some throughout the last decades, even the last century or more. In the modern age a Civil War might take a very different form and be far less likely to tear the country into pieces. But it will be no less damaging to America for its lack of bloodshed. What will happen instead is the eventualy disintegration of what was once a very proud and resolute nation.

Again, it might never happen. But in this time there seems a great belief that the conflict might only be awaiting that one key spark that will ignite the conflagration.

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