It’s time to be a little insensitive and possibly make some people mad since the inception of something called a “cry closet” has been invented in the state of Utah for college students. Take a moment and let that sink in, a “cry closet” for college students who are taking exams and writing papers and feeling the stress build up and up and up.

Boo. Hoo.

Oh yes, I said it, and I’ll stand by it gladly as a college student. You’re stressed? Aw, poor baby, maybe you should have skipped college and gone on to a minimum wage job. You have papers to write and exams to study for? Let me get you a tissue so you can clear your eyes and blow your nose, and in the meantime think about this one immutable fact: everyone in college deals with stress.

It’s true that we all deal with it in different ways and that it affects us all in different ways. But regressing back to the point of needing a ‘safe place’ or a room filled with stuffed animals to whimper like a child because the world is just to hard is hard to get behind.

It’s a backwards slide.

No, it’s not being ‘sensitive’  and needing to vent. It’s giving in to frustration and admitting that you might not belong where you’re at, doing what you’re doing. The world is a hard and uncaring place? Well welcome to it, because in truth it only gets harder as you go along. Acting like a child won’t make it better even if you want to call it ‘venting’ rather than what it is, whimpering that things aren’t fair.

Peace of mind comes on your time.

While in school you’re still technically on ‘your’ time. If you feel you can’t hack it then perhaps it’s time to admit as much and head on down the road. The real world won’t be any less unkind however if it’s discovered that you need some ‘venting time’ every time you get stressed. Part of becoming an adult is learning how to de-stress without breaking down constantly and needing an emotional reset button. If you can’t handle college then how will you handle the world?

Your workload is up to you.

As a college student this is where you get to start being responsible. Instead of taking the maximum or full load of courses that you need learn how to spread it out and pick electives that won’t be as demanding. This way your workload becomes manageable and the number of tests you’ll take might be easier to stomach. Then your stress might actually be easy to manage so that you don’t need to suffer a 10-minute breakdown in a closet.

After all, if this is how you get through college then how in the world are you going to get through life?


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