No one’s perfect, right? You might say that if this FBI Special Agent accidentally discharged his firearm in the field or during a moment of confusion. But after looking at this clip you can’t possibly say that it was anything but a misfire of monumentally foolish proportions. While cutting a rug as the saying goes at a local club FBI Special Agent, whose name is being withheld at the moment, performed a move that might normally be quite impressive. The problem is that this off-duty agent was still packing his firearm in the waistband of his pants. That being said, once he performed the back handspring the gun came flying out of his waistband and hit the floor.

Less than expected.

You can easily see the look of shock on the faces of the onlookers as they watch the pistol come flying out, no doubt thinking that it might go off at any moment. Thankfully it didn’t somehow magically fire into the crowd while in the air, and even hit the ground without firing. But when the agent went to pick it up he seemed to forget the basic rule of handling a gun when you don’t intend to fire it. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

Somehow his finger found the trigger and discharged a single round into the crowd, injuring a man nearby. The man was taken to the hospital and is said to be doing alright, but the agent might not be able to say the same soon enough.

Oh yes, the cops were called.

It’s uncertain if anyone in the place knew that this person was FBI until he was forced to reveal his status, but calling the cops after seeing that someone has a gun might be jumping the gun in some states. But when the gun goes off and injures another patron then yes, 911 is going to get a call from a lot of people and seeing as how there were that many witnesses the overlying story will no doubt be that he retrieved his weapon and somehow forgot what young children are taught in hunter’s safety classes before they’re old enough to drive. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER.

An uncertain future.

The Bureau did retrieve their special agent and it’s apparent that his position in the FBI could be in peril unless they find a way to reach a compromise. Of course in this case a highly trained FBI agent fired into a crowd, no matter if it was accidental. The fact that he was carrying a gun in a crowded place such as this is suspect since he was off duty and despite the fact that this is legal for an off duty law enforcement agent, it is his lack of judgment at that crucial moment that seems to be in dispute.

You’re not likely to win an argument about off duty agents being restricted from carrying firearms. But the lack of good judgement on the part of this agent seems to be the bigger issue. As of now the FBI aren’t saying much of anything, but the expectation is that the agent will be facing a stiff reprimand if not more.



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