By now we’ve all gotten a little tired of the constant back and forth when it comes to David Hogg and the ‘battle’ he’s waging with the NRA and anyone that supports them, yeah? Even if you haven’t and are still ‘fighting the good fight’, then you might want to read on for just a few more lines at least. Why am I putting certain words in quotations? Simple, David Hogg and his many followers don’t seem to realize at this point that they’re banging their heads against a wall as they fight an entity that is well-established and quite frankly not bound to care about him, or his people, until they really hit them where it hurts, their wallet.

Now let’s make this fair, Hogg is in fact out on a mission trying to do something of worth. Gun control in this country has indeed fallen far short of what it needs to be and the number of school shootings is completely out of control. He’s standing up for something that he believes in and he can’t be faulted for that. But his methods? Eh, there’s something lacking there.

True thought vs. Reaction

Parklane was a tragedy, as was every school shooting that’s ever happened in recent and not so recent history. There’s no denying that, not even for a moment. The sheer outrage that sprang from this incident was so vehement however that Hogg didn’t even need to stir the pot, though stir he did. He took control of a crowd that wanted answers, that wanted some form of justice that they couldn’t define, and unfortunately, were worked into such a frenzy that half of them didn’t even know what they were protesting at one point.

Worse than this is the impression that is given if anyone bothered to watch Hogg’s reaction to when someone DARES to challenge him. HIM, keep in mind, not just anyone else, but HIM.

Yes Laura Ingraham did in fact send out a tweet that was ill-advised, but Hogg’s reaction to this was the equivalent of a tantrum as he invited her sponsors to pull their support and hit her where it hurts. Bad news on that one however, Laura is not the person that would be hurt, at least not immediately. Those working for the sponsors, some poor minimum wage individual that was happy to have a job, likely had to update their resume and go job hunting again. This was the act of a kid, not an adult that knows how to control their temper.

A Time and Place for Everything

Protesting is not a bad thing really, it gets the attention of the people and it wakes them up a bit. But there is a time and a place for it. Hogg’s time and place seems to typically be wherever he wants it to be and whenever he deems it necessary. Unfortunately this means that disrupting a business and defacing property that is in no way his is perfectly okay. You kind of have to wonder if a kid and his fellow supporters came to your store or place of business and decided to make their point known if you would simply accept it or call the police and have them escorted off the premises so that your clients/customers could conduct their business in peace. Kids throw temper tantrums that inconvenience people, adults have gained the wisdom to know when and where to pick their battles so that people can continue to function in their everyday lives.

A Man of Change, or a Kid Without Experience?

What has David Hogg done to this point? Not as a student, as he’s obviously a smart kid, but what has he done besides these protests that have stirred up the nation and set his own government against him, largely because he’s acting like a child? He’s hung up on the White House, he’s accused the NRA and the US government of acting in a manner that’s both incompetent and childish. In short he’s had his day to sling mud and everything else at the US government in an attempt to scream “No more” and stir a pot that was already bubbling around the edges. But is that it? Not really, he’s continuing to make that pot boil as he schedules die-ins, denounces the government over and over, and…..waits. He’s waiting to be old enough to vote, to make a difference, and still…..he’s waiting.

His heart is in the right place, as our country needs a better stance on gun control. But his head seems to have been dazzled and befuddled by the bright lights and overwhelming attention given to his ’cause’. He’s not an evil kid, and he’s not a dumb kid, but one thing he needs to learn is that by gaining an education and working his way INTO the system is the real way to CHANGE the system. Sometimes you have to fight the flow all the way to its source instead of continually banging on the door as you demand to be heard.

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