It’s tough to talk to anyone about writing unless they’ve been down that winding and twisting road that lies just behind your eyes and travels the uncertain path towards a consciousness that’s laced with thoughts unlike those that many people would comprehend or want to understand. Of course this is the explanation of many a profession, if you don’t understand it then it’s obviously difficult to talk about, much less become enthused by. But writers are an odd bunch in that they have different levels of madness that plague them continually.

As artists they are those that ply the page with the written word and deliver the reader into a sane and logical tale that can leave them feeling their way through a variety of emotions, waiting for the plot to thicken so that they might push through and overcome the conflict and move onto the resolution. But the story that enters a writer’s mind, the confusing amalgam of thoughts that eventually becomes a story, is so much more than the basic building blocks of a short story, a novel, or an epic series. It’s a level of madness that many writers eventually feel themselves falling into.

Some fall willingly, others fight against it with logic and reason, beating their stories or coaxing them into submission and delivering what they decide is pertinent and reasonable. Those that fall into the madness however, willingly or not, are truly the tortured in that they desire the story that is to come, but cannot see the outcome no matter how they try. As much as they wish for it to make sense, they find only twists and turns where they desire a straight and unbending course. They find shadows of uncertainty where there should be light, and must often remind themselves that they are the writer, and the story is their creation. But it is so hard sometimes to not allow the story to dictate the pace.

That way lies madness, as the saying goes, and in the mind of a writer the madness that rests always in the back, waiting for its turn to play, is a tool as much as it is a fear of what might come. Writers are not all mad, yet neither are they fully sane. They are the happy medium that exists between what is real and what is imagined, and those that are able to step over the line again and again as easily as walking from one side of a room to another.

It’s not a gift or a curse to be able to delve into the madness behind the writing, it’s an opportunity to continue the story as one sees fit, and the responsibility of those who are best suited to do it.

“Artists are visited by the Muses, or tormented by their own passions and demons.”

-Wes Nisker

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