It’s time to piss off both sides as I express my own views and try (possibly in vain) to hold up a mirror to each side to see how the other sees them. The problem with this is that neither side will be surprised, and neither will back down from their stance or see another view. There are those that will thankfully step back and think before they begin to spew the venom that is consistent and expected when speaking of politics. But even they tend to get drowned out by those that feel that pumping up the volume to express themselves is the way to go.

Our leaders?

In the world as we know it now the propensity for name-calling, mudslinging, and making wild accusations towards one another has almost become the accepted substitute for rational discussion and reasonable debate. As you can see here:

It is simply too easy for those that we see as our leaders to squabble like children as the country continues to look on, wondering just which face will be running the country each election year. The words that are spoken between these individuals are hard to equate with those that we wish to see as selfless, respectable, honor-bound leaders that can lead our country into the future without tipping the scales ever in the favor versus the favor of the people, whom they claim to serve.

Is there such a thing as a lesser evil? Many people would love to think so, and many would say that “of course there is, it’s THIS side”. Choose whichever side you stand on, and it’s likely that millions of people will defend it to their dying breath. However people choose to justify it the reality is that both sides are wrong, and both are right. There are issues upon which both sides have found fault in one another, and issues in which they are both on target no matter how much they disagree.

The Pulse of America

Like it or not, believe it or not, the real pulse of America is the PEOPLE, not our leaders. It’s not the media that helps to sway the opinions of so many, nor the numerous organizations that spread their beliefs from one region to the next. The people of this nation are the pulse as it is they, we, that decide what happens. And at this point that pulse has never been more erratic. The heartbeat of our nation is at this time as irregular as it’s ever been and it seems to only be growing worse as both sides sit at the extremes and continue to pull, putting more and more tension upon the people as already we’ve seen the result of such ongoing tensions erupt time and again.

Does anyone think that the chaos that occurred as of late is still a coincidence? Are people that blind as to think that our country isn’t approaching the edge of madness by now? If not then perhaps we’d best buckle up, because without a set resolution, or fitting compromise, that can unite this nation once again, we’re bound to go spinning into the political abyss that’s been building for some time.

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