You might wonder what this means, but have you seen the movies that have been coming out lately? Reboots, remakes, sequels and prequels….oh my. Let’s be fair, not all of them have been enough to shake our heads and roll our eyes, but then again some of them have surely fallen short of the mark or gone far wide of it. And that’s not even the end of it really, because more are coming, and the originality factor is dropping rapidly as each new one comes out. At this point one can’t help but wonder if originality is a prerequisite of a Hollywood script any longer, or if the ability to rehash the past and tweak it just enough to please the producers and execs is enough to get the green light. Does that sound cynical? It should, because Hollywood is making bank on stories that have been seen time and time before.

When the formula becomes obvious it’s time to change things up.

When you know the monster is going to show up out of nowhere and start savaging anyone and everyone in sight, it’s time to change. When you can predict what’s going to happen in any movie ever, it’s time to change. When you can dictate how the movie is going to go, step for step, then it’s time to change. The only problem with this is that people have become so inured to the standard formula that deviating from it becomes a problem since they want what is comfortable, what is considered normal, that escape from real life that they come to the movies for. And yet, for all that they’ll still complain when a movie is predictable and completely transparent. So which is it?

The writing is getting lazy.

The dialogue in so many films is getting sloppy to the point of being awkward and unnatural. People speak with words and in ways that make no sense whether it goes with the formula or against it. In one film in particular the destruction of the story coupled with the poor dialogue turned it from a highly expected blockbuster to something of an abomination that had many fans crying foul. The Dark Tower, as seen below, was an absolute disaster in terms of dialogue and story, especially given that the original story penned by Stephen King was an epic of such proportions that it could have been turned into a masterful TV series that might have given the story the respect it so richly deserves.

But this seems to be the general idea of the writing pool in Hollywood at the moment. Write the films as quickly as possible, eschew the need for good story telling, and focus instead on the money to be made. That’s the name of the game at this moment it seems.

There are always actors for any given role.

They might not be the best, but there are always actors that can fit a role, meaning that it’s not necessary to cram someone into a role simply for the sake of expedience. This has led to such things as whitewashing and miscasting people that are simply not right for their roles, thereby degrading their movies more than a little or tanking them altogether.

If nothing else, Hollywood is in need of a major overhaul when it comes to the writers and producers that have been allowed to roll out one film after another that does nothing but pander to the people rather than give them something that truly challenges their thinking and grants a new insight into the realm of entertainment. Many might disagree and that’s their right, but it’s time for a change it would seem.



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