It takes only a moment to smile at someone, to shake their hand in greeting or fellowship. But it takes time and effort to hate. Children are in many ways the best example of this. Give a child the chance and they will walk up to another child and introduce themselves, or perhaps even engage in play. Without any prior knowledge of who the other child is, where they come from, or what the ideologies of their parents is, children will play with one another solely based on the fact that it is preferable to standing around, to harming one another, or to hating each other. And yet to this day adults can’t figure this out. Some connection to our humanity gets lost as we grow and mature.


As we get older we buy into the many different views that are presented to us through the media, from those around us, and from those that stick a finger in our face and tell us how to be. Unfortunately we also stand a chance to inherit the beliefs and the mannerisms of our parents, elders, friends, and those around us that might harbor the belief that one person is greater than another, that another race is superior simply because of the color of their skin, or any other reason that can be imagined. The erroneous thinking in this situation comes from the failure to realize the humanity of every single person that has ever drawn breath in this world, and the truth that no matter what we look on the outside, we’re all essentially the same on the inside.

Yes some people look different, yes some have strange and sometimes unsettling customs, but nowhere in this world is there a rule book stating that we cannot get along simply because we are different. If one exists then it’s the creation of a rather limited mind that has yet to fully grasp the idea that instead of looking at our differences, it’s a great deal easier to look at our similarities. Yes, people have preached this over and over, and will continue to do so until someone finally gets the message. But being human it seems that the stubbornness built into our species tends to develop as we grow as well, and prevents our minds from opening in that much-needed manner.

It only takes a moment to open up to someone, but in that moment your entire world can change in ways you might have never realized.


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