When talking about NFL quarterbacks there have been many names that have come to be synonymous with a number of different adjectives, but there are only two that have been consistently spoken of in reverent tones over the past half decade.  Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, have both shown the entire league more than once what it takes to be a top caliber player and an outstanding example for younger athletes to follow.  For all that they have in common however there is one very realistic point that would elevate one of them over the other. Russell Wilson is the future of football.

There is nothing to be taken away from Tom Brady, as he is what is referred to in the NFL as the GOAT, or Greatest Of All Time. His numbers have far surpassed many players both before and after his ascension to the top spot in the Patriots organization, but the fact remains that he is at this time a sixteen-year veteran and is beginning to enter the twilight of his NFL career.  As Blount (2015) points out, the statistics between the two men show that Wilson has already began to show his dominance in the league, surpassing Brady in his first five years starting under center. As with all things in life, eventually the top spot must be yielded to someone else.

It can be argued that Brady is more of a pocket passer than Wilson, who is continually

scrambling out of the pocket in order to make a play.  Critics can also debate that the fact that their football IQ is similar, and that both quarterbacks are continually learning, always trying to find a new way to look at old plays. One very immutable fact that never seems to get much attention however is that Wilson has emerged into a different league than Brady came to know when he became the starter for the Patriots in 2001.  While his numbers have began to eclipse Brady’s in a much shorter time, the game has changed a bit since Tom Brady first strapped on his pads.

As Gdula (2015) points out, the statistics have been continually in Russell Wilson’s favor since his emergence in 2012, and are only getting better as the years go by. Brady is by far and large the best in the league as of now, but even the best have to eventually recognize the changing of the guard. While he continues to hang on and attempt a run at a fifth Superbowl ring, Brady is being continually reminded that he is not only a veteran of the sport, but a man who is continually running on limited time.  In the meantime, Wilson is still hitting his stride, and has appeared in two Superbowls during his tenure with the Seahawks, becoming the youngest quarterback to do so in NFL history.

To compare both of these quarterbacks is almost akin to pitting past, present, and future  against one another in attempt to discover just which is superior.  The popularity of both men is such that their fans will stand by them no matter if they begin to wane in their advancing years, but there is no doubt that time favors Wilson over Brady.  So long as the Patriot’s front man is able to run and gun he will continue to be considered the GOAT, though it will likely not be long before Wilson, a dynamic and popular player in his own time, assumes the mantle of one of the elite and greatest quarterbacks of all time.  In the years to come it will be interesting to see how these two outstanding quarterbacks develop, and who will remain on top the longest.

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