The manner by which an individual measures their success tends to vary from one person to the next. Some consider the definition very clear-cut and obvious, while others would offer a differing opinion that begs further discussion and definition of the term. In truth, success is the self-gratification that comes from knowing that an individual has done what they can to enhance the world around them.  Real success is the ability of the individual to understand and recognize what is important in their life.

There are millions of examples of success that can stem from the more personal idea of what it means to be successful to the far more grandiose concept that is recognized by society. Actors are considered successful largely because they earn huge, impressive paychecks, but in some cases also put as much effort into helping the less fortunate through acts of humanitarianism.  An unknown individual can also be considered successful for the same action, but their success will be considered far more low-key due to their societal status.

Those that seek glory are often those whose actions are noticed and lauded as a success,

whereas those who are not noticed must work that much harder to be seen in the same light.

Success is quite typically bound by the definitions of society. Those that are constantly in the

public view, such as actors, politicians, and various other personalities, are continually labeled as

success stories for many reasons.

One reason among the many is the adversity that so many of these personalities

supposedly struggle through in order to gain their current status. While their struggle is just as real as their triumph, they are often lauded as being inordinately strong for having overcome such obstacles in their lives to gain such fame and success. The commoner that struggles in much the same fashion but is successful in their own life is just as much of a success.

Those who must rise from hardship to achieve a life worth living are every bit as successful, no matter if they are recognized or not. The act of being successful is not limited to the presence that an individual shows to the public. The greatest success stories are those that will never be known.

Behind every famous individual sits those who were directly or indirectly responsible for their fame. Those who elevate such individuals rarely, if ever, achieve the type of attention that these individuals are given. Their status is not elevated by those they raise, nurture, and even help every step along the way. They are the unsung heroes that create the rich and famous, and they are among the greatest examples of success.

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