Epilogue: Five Years To Go




June 6th, 2911

Year 487 of the New Era


Origin, WA


It was time.

Centuries had passed since the last victory at Echoes Pass, and the legend of the people that had lived those furious days so long ago had been largely relegated to history texts and myth.  The Chosen had been all but forgotten, as it was the human way to do so, and immortals had once again taken their place within the shadows of humanity’s constant need to rise.

Her home, this place that had nurtured her in so many ways, still stood as bastion of hope to the world, a new centralized location that had never once been allowed to grow beyond its boundaries despite the desire of others to exploit it.  She had watched it grow from afar, always keeping her distance and interacting only insofar as to walk the streets of Longbeach or appear on the beachfront of Ocean Park, another face, another soul drawn to the peaceful serenity that was to be offered.

Standing upon the famed boardwalk that had nearly been claimed many times by the encroaching dunes, Alexis closed her eyes as she remembered the world of yesterday, a slow smile creeping upon her lips as she held each memory so dearly.  Her husband, her friends, her children, all of them had eventually succumbed to the passage of time, no matter that it had taken some time for them to finally rejoin the balance. They were waiting for her in the clearing, she knew this without a doubt, and would gather her in their arms when that day finally came that she was allowed to join them.  That day seemed so far away sometimes, as though another several centuries would have to pass before she was allowed to rest.

She had a responsibility here though.  Despite the struggles, the continuing battles that seemed to never end, she knew that the time of another great war would come again. It was the buildup of aggression, hatred, and other bilious feelings that were a part of this world no matter that others sought to eliminate them.  Peace could not be had without struggle, as she had learned early on in her life. The fight for that one peaceful moment in time was difficult to contemplate and even more difficult to endure, but it was necessary.

Since accepting the power of the Chosen and the responsibility of the All, Alexis had undergone quite a few changes to her way of thinking. She had come to understand that what she knew was only a small fraction of what the world and those beyond it had to offer. Eventually she would make sense of it all she figured, but until then she would have to wait. One of these days…

She paused, sensing the presence of one of the individuals she had been watching now for

the past several years.  This one was particularly strong, enough so that she couldn’t repress a smile as she thought back to the journals she had kept and copied over the years. Eventually it would be time to add a new chapter she supposed.

The scales would balance.

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