Hong Kong is made up of a variety of people, such as Cantonese, British, Indians, and the local Jewish community. The majority of the population is Cantonese and this is the mainstream culture. It has also benefited from a fusion of western ideas over the years as the culture has changed from the older, more traditional styles to a new and modern look.  The locals have taken to adopting the western way of life as their own, but many still keep to the old ways while embracing the new.

The language of Hong Kong is primarily Cantonese.  English is also a widely used language, so is Chinese Mandarin. Since the city’s reversion to China in 1997 these last two languages have gained a more prominent role and have become quite dominant in some areas. Many people will still gladly revert to their native tongue.

Hong Kong is also considered the culinary capital of Asia, as it boasts many different delicacies that are local or are shipped from overseas. The influence that western countries have on Hong Kong can be seen up and down many avenues, but are commonly combined with traditional flavors of Chinese cuisine that help to compliment the overall appearance and taste.

Hong Kong celebrates Chinese holidays quite regularly, and have even adopted holidays from the west such as Christmas Day.  Considering the number of immigrants that have made their home in Hong Kong throughout the years it’s not too surprising that such holidays would eventually be passed on.

One big myth about Hong Kong, and China in general, is that many assume that they are all Kung Fu experts in disguise. Many movies and television shows have depicted many of Chinese descent being skilled in hand to hand combat and also being able to perform unimaginable feats of strength, skill, and stamina when it comes to fighting. The reality is that kung fu is a widely accepted form of entertainment and exercise. The application for movies and television is widely known, but kung fu is not known by everyone and is hardly ever used in real world situations. Sorry to shatter anyone’s unreal expectations.

Hong Kong is far more than what is seen in films and on television, and far less in terms of the fantastical and mythological realm that many would want to believe. It is another city where opportunities are plentiful and those seeking to build a life would are welcome if they can prove their worth.

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