College is not for everyone. This and many other epithets have been heard over the years since the collegiate system was created, and stand as true today as they were back then.  In life there is always a path for each person to walk, and college is undoubtedly a boon to many who can make use of it.  To those who are inclined to look in other direction however it is an institution best left alone.  Those who see its use and how to make it work for them however are not always the privileged or the lucky ones.  Few things about college are as challenging as the costs that are incurred.

While many things in life have increased in cost to reflect the cost of living, college tuition has increased exponentially at times it would seem.  The days during which an individual could work part-time and pay for their schooling out of pocket are all but gone, and in their place has come the need for financial aid, scholarships, and other methods of payment.  Many people can no longer afford college without taking on debts that are seen to follow them into old age, while others who can pay are sometimes unable to find employment after such a huge investment.  The costs of college are more than just the monetary hardship, but throughout everything the presence and absence of money plays a very strong role upon just who can and who cannot attend and even finish a college education.

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