People with learning disabilities who are within the age of 18-24 are said to be in danger to fill the gaps between the child and the adult services due to they are not yet socially developed and still incapable of coping alone. (Learning Disability Practice, 2010) They might feel abandoned which may lead to the worsening their condition. It has been reported that the suggested services that can meet the needs of caring these young people include flexibility approach, availability of care service, be innovative, firm, work collaboratively and holistically, develop life skills, encourage positive futures, provide enough time, and always open to any possibilities for the betterment of the mental condition. (Learning Disability Practice, 2010) According to the report people who were diagnosed with learning disabilities that undergoes health care annually is said to discover new maladies in their health that was triggered by the previous treatments. (Learning Disability Practice, 2010) It has been pointed out health checks are the most effective as well as essential adjustment that has to be made by the health care services in addressing the difficulties faced by the people having learning disabilities. Sir Ian, a health law professor included in his report 39 recommendations on how to meet the needs of this special people. (Learning Disability Practice, 2010) He further stressed that health care intervention for these cases will enable to save costs for NHS as well as for education system. It will also reduce the cost for unemployment, social benefits, and to the system of criminal justices. Based from Mr. Lansley’s report the government should ensure to provide healthcare services that will meet the needs of these children which is said to be ineffective and not responsive at present. (Learning Disability Practice, 2010)

The condition of the children that have learning abilities should be provided proper health care services because their health are poorer compare to those who are not disable. (Robertson, Roberts, Emerson, 2010) This condition can get worse due to poverty, discrimination, poor housing, social disconnectedness, communication difficulties, unemployment, and low quality of healthcare.

The author has pointed out that the recommendation for the implementation of health checks annually for those individuals that has learning disabilities has been done as response in addressing their poor health. This recommendation is brought by the investigations made on health inequalities that these people receive. (Robertson, Roberts, Emerson, 2010)

Based on the studies conducted, health checks on individuals with learning disabilities this helps in identifying the undetected maladies in the health condition of the person such as hypertension, seizure order, arrhythmias, inter-menstrual bleeding, and others. (Robertson, Roberts, Emerson, 2010) This detection enables the health care professionals to address these health problems immediately and allows them to provide the appropriate needed medication for it. Through the several studies on providing annual health care, strong evidences has been established regarding the effectiveness of health checks on these people that have learning disabilities. Through this healthcare check more life threatening health conditions of the individuals have been discovered and which can be treated at an early stage.

More evidences have been revealed on the benefits of health care checks to the people that have learning disabilities. This led to detection of undetected illnesses, early treatment, and provided the appropriate health needs. These enable these people to experience health gain. Health checks among the learning disable person are truly important. There is a need for adjustments in the operation of the services on the health care to meet the need of the persons that has learning disabilities.



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