A lot of times plant-based diets are mocked for being less healthy and less efficient than other diets.  The common misconception is that you can’t gain a healthy balance without the constant inclusion of meat and dairy in your diet.  That has been debunked as a myth more than once.  Most medical professionals would agree that a balanced approach to removing animal products from your diet has a large number of health benefits.

Eating a diet that is high in plant-based foods is quite natural.  With this type of diet a person can gain more antioxidants, more nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and a great deal less damaging fat as well as much more fiber.  By eating more plant-based products you can actually lose weight, increase your lifespan, and detoxify your body.

Despite what others would claim, vegans often have healthier bone structures and much higher protein levels than omnivores. After just a few weeks of practicing a Vegan diet it is even possible to notice a dramatic decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin levels.  Vegans are also known to have fewer nutrient deficiencies than the average omnivore and can maintain a lower body weight while keeping muscle mass.  A vegan diet can also enhance athletic recovery, and their arteries are often much healthier than the typical endurance athlete. So all in all, the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet offers more benefits than any other diet on the market today. The only question is why more people haven’t decided to take advantage of it.

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