Testosterone serves as the predominantly male sex hormone and is also produced as an anabolic steroid that is used primarily by athletes.  This hormone plays a very important role in helping young men to develop and is known to promote other characteristics such as muscle mass and stronger bone structure, as well as the appearance of hair on the body. The hormone is quite natural and is also vital to a man’s health.  It is also known to help prevent osteoporosis, which can lead to frailty and even bone loss as a man ages. Most men will start to note a drop in testosterone during their 40’s. These levels only drop with age unless an individual is given hormone therapy of some type.


Testosterone Deficiency


Testosterone is important to the strength of the bones and increased muscle mass, but it is also highly important to a man’s sex drive as well. Without the proper level of testosterone men will begin to notice an onset of erectile dysfunction and suffer an unwanted bout of depression. It is also possible to experience difficulty in concentrating on anything as well as gain a much more bleak outlook on life. A few of the physical changes that can occur include:


* a severe decrease in muscle mass followed by weight gain

* fluctuating cholesterol levels

* possible anemia

* osteoporosis

* loss of body hair


Finding Out if You Have Testosterone Deficiency


Simply feeling depressed or lackadaisical about your life isn’t quite enough evidence to believe that you have a testosterone deficiency, but if you begin to experience any of the symptoms or physical signs above it might be time to head to a doctor in order to find out what is really going on.

Most doctors will inform you that the only real way to determine if you have this condition is to take a measure of the testosterone in your blood. Testosterone levels can fluctuate on a daily basis, so several measures will be needed to make such a test accurate. Many doctors tend to prefer testing early in the morning, which is normal considering that this is when men’s testosterone levels are the highest.

It is important however to take note that any man that is thinking of treating testosterone

deficiency should know that doctors are required to screen for any type of disease or disorder

that might make such treatments impossible. For instance, men that are diagnosed with prostate cancer should not undergo treatment.  It is not unheard of for men that have been diagnosed with this cancer to undergo the treatment, but it is a risk considering the belief that testosterone is  believed in some part to fuel the cancer cells that cause tumors to grow.


Treating Testosterone Deficiency


There are a number of ways that testosterone deficiency can be treated, such as:


* Intramuscular injections that are given every two to three weeks

* A testosterone patch that can be worn on the body or on the scrotum

* Testosterone gel that rubbed into the skin

* A muco-adhesive material that is to be applied just above the teeth no more than twice per day

* Pellets that can be injected into the body


The many ways to increase testosterone are effective but largely temporary as the natural production of the hormone is the only real way to keep the body from feeling the loss.  There are ways to keep the body strong and supplied with testosterone, such as:


* Exercise

* Weight loss

* Vitamin regulation

* Stress reduction

* Cutting sugars out of your diet

* Eating healthy fats


Testosterone levels will still decrease with age, but unless they quit altogether there is no need for hormone treatments if you continue to practice a healthy lifestyle.

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