As far as history goes, the country of Ireland is rich in historical locations and carries the undeniable feel of a land that has seen the years pass by in spectacular fashion. But barring this, there are some very real concerns as well as perks to living Ireland.  While some might go on to laud the undeniable charm it carries and the enriching feel of history that surrounds you, others might instead decide to focus upon the weather that never seems to brighten for more than a few days at a time, or the high cost of housing, and so on and so forth.  With that mind, here are a few reasons why Ireland may, or may not be, an ideal place to live.




1) It is a very beautiful country.

From its stunning coastline to the verdant fields, Ireland is a land resplendent with beauty in every possible corner.  History abounds within the land and the natural wonders that are so easily viewed offer both natives and tourists a sense of geographical awe that something so wondrous even exists.


2) The people are quite laid back.

Don’t get the wrong impression. Not everyone in Ireland will bend over backwards for you just because you’re new to the area. But more often than not the Irish are quite relaxed, easygoing folks who are always interested in telling a story.


3) The cities have a great deal to offer.

Whether it is entertainment you’re after or a quiet walk throughout town, the cities of Ireland are steeped in history and offer a multitude of pleasant distractions.  From Dublin to Kilkenny to Dingle, the cities of Ireland are always welcoming and always willing to entertain.




1) Ireland is not an overly warm country.

For those who enjoy the rain and the overcast skies Ireland might be the perfect location to settle down.  Owing their weather largely to the North Atlantic Drift, Ireland doesn’t often get too warm, remaining more often than not around fifty degrees Fahrenheit.  Overall the weather is largely unpredictable, but is never known to reach any particular extreme.


2) Ireland does in fact have a very large reputation for its drinking culture.

While this may or may not be a true con, the Irish have long been known for their proclivities

towards alcohol. While it might seem a bit stereotypical and even unfair to label an entire

culture, the truth of the matter remains that Ireland is well known for its use and production of

alcohol in many different forms.  Whether it is Guinness, whiskey, or the infamous poteen, an Irish form of moonshine, the people of Ireland have gained renown throughout the world for being a very strong and dedicated drinking culture.


3) The housing costs are astronomical.

It’s not cheap to live in Ireland.  When adjusting Euros to dollars the expense of a two-bedroom apartment, with utilities, will come to around two thousand Euros, which is far closer to twenty-five hundred dollars when all is said and done.  Affording a home is quite difficult even on a good salary, and any thoughts

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