Melbourne is perhaps one of the most glamorous as well as masterful cities when it comes to showing its colors and cultures. It is a wonderful city that still manages to cultivate the small town feeling that so many fully enjoy. Its art, its history, and the astounding architecture are more than enough to enchant any visitor.

Here are just a few sights you might think about seeing when visiting this amazing city:


1) Eureka Skydeck


Located in Southbank, the Eureka Skydeck is an amazing viewing platform that offers a stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the city and its other landmarks. One can also view the impressive Dandenongs that stretch out upon the far horizon, taking in the magnificent sight that is provided with such aplomb. As starting points go the Skydeck is a masterful stroke of design. It allows tourists to take a better look at the city around them, and can perhaps even grant tourists ideas of where they would like to visit next.

There are of course those opportune times when it is considered best to visit the Skydeck.  While the structure is quite safe the visibility is usually best on clear days without rain or fog.  It is also fun to note that during the transition from sunset to nightfall is a very interesting time to be present, as the effect is quite alluring.


2) St. Paul’s Cathedral


This is one of the oldest structures in Melbourne, as it was constructed back in 1868 as part of the prosperous times during the infamous gold rush days. The cathedral is free to enter and can provide a very soothing, relaxing feel that impresses upon visitors both the age and spiritual qualities of the sacred place.


3) Werribee Open Range Zoo

Fashioned to resemble an African savannah, this impressive sight is home to many different varieties of animals and actually extends free admission to any child under 16 during school holidays. Visitors can either take the safari tour or walk around the zoo, coming nose to nose with nature in the process.


4) The Dandenong Ranges

If you just want to get out and take a walk through nature but not be too far from civilization then the Dandenong Ranges are perfect. This range actually features many pleasing walking tracks through lush forest. It is also close to several small towns that are always welcoming to visitors.


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